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Wow, i just went to post my first message on here...LOOK AT ALL THESE COOL SMILIES :stinky: :boxer: :flame: :stupid: hahaha oh well back on subject.

I'm here now (I was waiting until someone pissed me off enough to make me seriously need a place other then I-club and well it happened today...)... still moonlighting in I-club but at this rate you'll see the message

"DoomEquation: Exclusively on"

sooner rather then later.....


Well hello all i'll be reading all the FAQ's and stuff just wanted to give the heads up that i'm on here :D
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Welcome aboard Doom :D. So what or who finally pissed you off that bad to make you come on over?
I get tired of the posts I make that go unanswered.

Thats how I felt back in the day when I was on the STi M-list. I never got anything answered there no matter what I posted. That's when I moved to the I-Club. Now the I-Club is mainly WRX oriented (or at least feels like it).
Im still on the STi mailing list, these days unless you get an answer you get a link to the i-club...:rolleyes:
I met the owner of the STi MList (Simon Sirin). He seems to be a nice guy. I enjoyed receiving 50 e-mails a day...that's until I got tired of not getting any replies :mad:
I like the STI M-list. It's still a very good source of info.
there's still one member of the list who is very knowledgeable
(besides Simon of course). you know who I'm talking about.
Anyway, I've been on the list for years and still enjoy being a part of it. I've only gotten a few replies over the years. But then again, there's only about 500 people on the list compared to the 12,000 or so on the i-club. you'd think every post on the i-club would get answered!
the good thing is that the m-list hasn't been over run by WRX owners yet.
Huh? sorry, i've been off the comp for a few days....(or at least not on the board)

Some Jackass in the "Suby Specialties is Great!!!" thread in SCIC.... Just pissed me off.


Still makes SCIC the Post Whoring-est place on earth
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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