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Don't want to be the only RS

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Would some of you guys show up at the donut tree meet(see scic)???

We had a good time last time, but me and outback were the only non-wrx's.

It's going to be a fun run through the hills!!!!
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can't make it this time.

Got to get me back brakes replaced and get my ignition looked at.

I am having some problems with the car stuttering on full throttle app.

But anyone who can should go. It's a great little run. And it was too fun showing those WRXer's that my wagon w/3 passengers could keep up with them up the mtn.:biggest:

Thats too bad, I guess i'll see you next time.
I want to go, but my saturday is already packed, I'll be there next time

can you post some details about it here?
don't feel like looking over there ;)
I recently went to a meet to be one of two non-WRX's. It was a sh*tty feeling. I wish I could join you, but I can't :(
I will post directions later today.

Its a good chance to get alittle respect out of the new owners, after we show them that our cars are better in the hills than there's.(turbo lag sucks!)

Any way this group is pretty cool, anyone who is willing to actually use there car is ok to me, no matter what they're drivin.

are u talking about the krispy kreme meet? in oc?

DONUT TREE 02-02-02
11:00 am sat.

60 fwy exit Fairway go North
Valley right
Lemon Left
Right side next to cheveron station

60 fwy just west of the 57 fwy

BE THERE!!!!!!!!!
does this meet have anything to do with the
scic taking back it's "rep" or whatever?

i might make it as I was planning on doing some canyon carving that day up azusa canyon.

edit: thanks for the info!
No I don't think so, it's just a bunch of guys going out and using there cars.
Like driving! Not much into socializing. Will probebly come.:devil:
Who was the other person there with the silver RS?
anybody here?

That car would be mine!:happynow:

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