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doing some stuff sat....

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Since I just bough the car here's what I'm doing maintenance wise tomorrow, if you feel I should do anything else please let me know. Thanks!!!
-oil change
-tranny fluid change
-diff. fluid change
-spark plugs
-air filter
-cleaning out various sensor (w/electrical cleaner)
-02 sensors
-doing the DIY home depot front lip
-full interior/exterior/engine detail!
-fuel filter

anything else I should look at/do? it's 2001 RS with 77,300 miles on it, all belts have been changed prior to purchase so I'm not going to be doing those.
also can some1 correct me if I'm wrong (I don't have a user manual yet) are these the correct capacities for fluids? Thanks
-oil: 4.2 quarts
-tranny: 3.25-3.5 quarts
-diff's: as much as you can put in with a turkey baster through the top hole

again please correct me if I'm wrong

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you won't need to do the spark plugs, or O2 senors. The plugs and wires where new in January along with the coil pack and the O2 senors where replaced last year. Although I would maybe reccomend replacing the fuel filter. That is one thing I never got around to doing.
The RS's have 2 O2 sensors.
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