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Does anyone know anything about...

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The APEX coil overs that are beeing sold by TRI and others. It looks like my deal for the used Tein HA's have fallen through so I am now looking for something else, and I am hoping to stay under $1500. The car is a daily driver, but I am willing to put up with some discomfort on the road as a trade off for better performance in autocross and on road courses. I looked on the "WR ecks" club but no one has posted any kind of performance info on them. Any help would be appreciated.

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this post probably won't help you much, but i wrestled between dms and apex a few months ago before finally purchasing the golds. i wrote chris at tri several times but couldn't get enough info for my satisfaction. you may have better luck now with feedback as i believe they sold in the neighborhood of 30 in august/september. seemed to have alot of trouble getting them in to the states. they sure are pretty, tho'. on the other hand, the dms are down in the 1600's now. and as i said in another post, the only thing i'd do different is order them with a little stiffer rates - 350/300 or so vs. 225/180.
love 'em anyway

my 2 pennies...

i had fair results when i contacted Apex USA

good luck

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