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Does any one know some websies where they sell cold air intakes for a 99' RS??

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ihave been seaching and have had trouble findingwebsites that sell cai...o and does anyoeknow where i could find those red/cear rear lenses brand new for less than $200 i have been to like 3 diff sites and the prices ranged from 230 to 270

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The best price i have ever seen is $218 at As for cold air.. I am holding out for a Cobb :D
Larry Ganz has one:

Same filter as the Cobb CAI uses, but has a MAF bracket for the MY99.

As for the red/clear tails, those prices you've seen are pretty normal. But keep an eye open on the Classifieds for group buys on them, got mine for $180 shipped like that.:D
Well you can go to for a $50 CAI from them, which is the best cost-conscious CAI out there. (Not to mention it's VERY pretty, IMO.)

But as for it fitting a '99 properly... hmm... Well I know Kartboy sells MAF mounts, so check out , or Email Tom Deadrick at [email protected] to see if that combo will work.

Personally, I think that'd be your best bet. Kartboy prices are incredibly low, their products are awesome, and... well we all just love 'em.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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