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what you need...

1.that plasticy mesh like shit that i found in my garage
2. scissors
ducky wucky tape
a subaru
silver spraypaint
no dignity
no cash
and too much time

lets do this

get ur mesh... it looks like this and is kinda like silverish plastic

get ur car... and make sure it has a really radioactive liscense plate...

then, put the hood up and take off the grilleey

fuck.. my hand looks like it should be on a 50 year old man... eeewww

anyways... then roughly cut out a good sized peice of mesh and throw it on to see that it isn't a hexagon shape or something...
and paint that shit silver with rusto paint.. and don't let it dry.. this is ghetto, remember?

then throw some newspaper on the grille and trace it up with a sharpie
then put the rough mesh on it and cut out the tracing

duct tape that shit all good and reinforce that shit

throw it on and BAM! that thang is bitchen... don't even wait to let it dry, just bust that whip out on the streets and let the dirt get all stuck to it... makes it more pimp

i'll give it 15 minutes of driving before it rips off and gets stuck to my radiator...
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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