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This is most likely illegal... but who gives a shit...

DIY Smoked Tail Light mod

Get all this stuff from your local body shop supply store:

Wax and grease remover
rattle can of clearcoat for plastics (optional)
grey scuff pad
masking tape
respirator or dust mask
VHT nite shades rattle can (ebay)

1. Remove 'yer tail lights and any other lenses you wish to smoke-out...

2. Give them a light scuff with a grey scuff pad (grey is equal to 1000grit sandpaper) The scuff pad I used is specifically for body shop/paintwork. This ensures paint adhesion to the surface..

3. Mask off all the trim, and rubber seals around the lenses..

4. Put some wax and grease remover on a clean, lint free rag, and wipe the surfaces clean of any fingerprints or other bullshit.. NO MORE TOUCHING THE LENSES!!

5. Follow the directions on the can of Nite Shades, and spray it on overlapping by 50%... I did 1 dry coat, then 2 wet coats.... flashing inbetween coats for 15 minutes...

6. (optional) You can also add a coat of clear to smooth everything out... I did one even wet coat of clear, with no dry spots, and no runs....
Consistent and even application is the key, not too much, not too little... If it's a little dry in a spot, looks gritty and speckly, just foof a little more clear on that spot until it glosses over.. All nice and smooth... Ooooooh..

7. Let them dry overnight, and there you go.. not to shabby!
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