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In this thread I will be explaining "how to" paint parts of the cars interior trim to your desired color. In my 2000 Subaru Impreza 2.5RS I painted my center dash trim, the center vent surrounding, the center trim piece[where the e-brake and mirror switches are], my 4 other vent surroundings, the glove box handle[not the lock surround], all 4 door window switch panals, knobs for HVAC, the center arm rest and door handle surrounds in silver. I chose silver so it would look like the newer WRX models, but you can paint your parts whatever you'd like.

Supplies needed, 20-40grit sand paper, some rubbing alcohol, proper dash cleaner, and atleast 2 cans of Vinal and Leather Paint.

First, remove all pieces in which to be painted.
Next, thoroughly clean the pieces with the rubbing alchohol to be sure that all oils and deep grim is removed. then, clean with dash cleaner.
Next, Lightly sand the pieces, thus at the end the parts will have a smooth proffesional look and feel to them.
Next, clean the parts again, make sure there is no dust, or any dirt on the pieces.
Then paint the parts using even coats.
Suggest using a good 3-4 coats of paint.
Finally allow to dry for atleast 10min.
Note: If dripping occurs, after drying, resand area of drip and repaint further away than you did when the dripping occured.
After atleast 10min of drying, allow the parts to dry in front of a fan for 20min. allowing the paint to thoroughly dry. This step will help prevent chipping during reinstal, and will prevent your car from smelling like paint for a week.[if only i'd remember that step when i did my painting]

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