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If your power windows do not work at the master switch or if your turn signals, fuel or coolant temperature gauges don't work then follow these instructions to fix your issues. After this you should be able to determine if you have a faulty master switch, a faulty 30A engine bay fuse, a faulty circuit breaker relay, a faulty regulator or a faulty 15A interior fuse. This DIY is specific for the 2000 Subaru Impreza 2.5RS Sedan but you could also use this as a reference for your other Subarus.

Tools Required: Test Light
Step 1: Remove the Fuse Box Cover in the engine bay

Step 2: Remove the lower drivers side kick panel

Step 3: Remove the drivers side door panel 

Step 4: Cycle the key to the "ON" position

*Note* This is how power should flow to your Windows:
Battery > SBF6 30A Fuse > 12V Interior Circuit Breaker > Fuse #18 "Turn Back SRS Lamp" 15A > Master Window Switch > Regulator

Step 5: With the test light check each pin on the back of the master switch while toggling each window switch one at a time. If the test light glows then you have power going through the system and making it to the switch but not the regulator. Replace the regulator. If you have no power at any of then pins then move onto step 6.

Step 6: Check fuse #18 on the interior fuse box. This is labeled "Turn Back SRS Lamp" It is a 15A fuse. If it's blown then replace it.

Step 7: With the test light check SBF6 in the engine bay fuse box. If the test light glows then you have power going to this fuse. If it doesn't have power then replace the 30A fuse.

Step 8: Move onto the interior fuse box and to the left attached to the box you should see 2 cylindrical relays. These are the circuit breakers. The circuit breaker you will be testing will be the upper relay that has a blue connector going into it. Remove the circuit breaker and test the upper right pin for 12v. This is the white wire with a green stripe. If your window switch doesn't work then replace this circuit breaker.

Step 9: If you've gone through all these steps and the windows still don't work then check fuse #18 again on the interior fuse box. If this fuse keeps blowing then you have a connector grounding out and shorting the circuit. I had my reverse lamps grounded out to the chassis by mistake, I fixed it and now the windows roll up and down, the instrument cluster gauges now function and the turn signals work. I will be uploading a video to YouTube on this DIY. Photos will be uploaded later tonight. I hope this points you guys in the right direction. Good luck!

Step 10: If you were able to figure out your issues then grab a beer, like and subscribe to my YouTube channel.
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