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Here's a brief DIY, sort of

You will need.
-10mm socket
-17mm socket
-PHILLIPS screw driver
-flathead screwdriver
-an ok memory
-and patience

start off by lifting your car, pop your hood, and remove the battery.

1. pop off your corner lights

2. Remover grill by pressing down on the taps inside this hole, on each side then pull towards you and lift up

3. disconnect headlights and remove the 4 screws.

4. Now i don't have pictures of this but, with the headlights removed u should be able to see that the bumper is held with plastic rivets, remove these slowly and carefully

there are also rivets on each side of the fender. you have to move the top of your fender
liner to get to them (scoobymods pic)

--- there is also a bolt located under your front license plate position box, u will need to remove this aswell

5. remove the 2 bolts holding the bumper skin to the underside of your car (here's a picture of where u could find them when your bumper is off on the LW bumper beam, they are located in the same place of your 2.5RS beam

6.Grab that 17mm socket and about 2 long extensions to make this easier, remove the bolts that hold the beam to your car (scoobymods pic)

7. Pull off the beam, its pretty heavy so be careful

8. Install LW bumper beam with the same bolts that were removed with the 17mm socket

9. Remove fog lamp brackets from RS bumper and place them onto your v4, they slide right on

10. Place bumper skin over your beam and secure with plastic rivets.

10 continue.
get under your car and place the bumper fog lamp support in between the foglamp bracket and the frame

secure with this bolt

11. Secure the 2 rivets on each side that u removed near the fender (be patient)

12. reconnect and bolt on the fog lamps

13. re assemble your headlight section

14. put grill on and make sure its secure

15. lower car down, clean up tools and Enjoy

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nice job man...shouldn't you put the banana turn signals on before you install the bumper and connect the can get tricky putting them on last
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