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I am new here, and know nothing about subarus :( I plan on buying a RS 2.5, from what I can see the new body style and I suppose motors started in 98 and were made up til now? Correct me if I am wrong please :) What is the major differences throughout these few years performance/exterior/interior/etc wise? I would prefer to buy a used one, but don't know how Old I can go..

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I see that they switched to SOHC 2.5 from DOHC 2.5 from 99-2001, why did they do that? Does the SOHC accept mods better, or the DOHC?

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SOHC has a bit more torque, also the DOHC engines had a nasty habit of separateing themselves from the block. Some other notable changes, <MY00 MAF sensor, MY 99 very prone to failure. MY00-01 MAP sensor, not as accurate, tends to run rich, easily fooled by forced induction. MY00-01 10.0:1 compression ratio, MY 99 9.7:1 (better for FI). <MY00, open front and rear diffs, viscous center. MY00+ open front, viscous center and rear. MY00-01= more standard options (A/C, cruise, upgraded stereo) but MY98 had the best wheels ;)

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From IWOC in the UK... this refers to UK models but you get the picture.


Impreza Chronology
1992 November
The Impreza is released in Japan.

The Impreza is released in the UK. Initially only the 5 door was made available with the 4 door available later. Both 4 wheel and 2 wheel drive drive with 1.6, 1.8 and 2 litre engine options.

The Turbo is released in the UK.

1995 June
First UK special edition released. The McRae was only available in deep blue with 16 inch Speedline Safari alloys, Recaro interior and factory fitted sunroof. Only 200 off produced to celebrate Colin McRae winning the World Rally Championship for Subaru.

1995 October
The 2 wheel drive and the 1.6 and 1.8 litre models are dropped from the line up.

1996 October
Facelift body with a more aggressive nose and headlights. The bonnet is resculptured and the bonnet vents either side of the scoop revised. Engine modifications decrease turbo lag and increase torque by using a smaller turbocharger and a straighter inlet path. Power remains the same.

First STi 2 door coupe. 294mm diameter disc brakes and 4 pot calipers seen for the first time on the STi models.

1997 April
Second UK special edition released. The Catalunya was only available in black with gold wheels with black and red interior and air con as standard. Only 200 off produced to celebrate winning the Catalunyan Rally and the Manufacturer World Rally Championship in 1996

1997 October
Revised interior using the Forester dash board, Momo steeing wheel and twin airbags. Switchgear and paneling changed on the doors also. Exterior was limited to an upgrade to 16in alloys.

Japanese STi models (version 4) see medium level spoiler.

1998 April
Third UK special edition released. The Terzo was only available in Sonic Blue with gold wheels with Alcantara trimmed seats and interior with air con as standard. Only 333 off produced to celebrate the third consecutive win of the Manufacturer World Rally Championship.

Japanese release a wide bodied rally replica 2 door coupe with a 2.2 litre turbo charged engine. The 22B was only available in Sonic Blue with wide 235x40x17 gold alloys, high level rear spoiler and revised front nose and bonnet. Only 400 off where produced for the Japanese market to celebrate 40th anniversary of Subaru.

1998 October
Revised front bumper similar in looks to the 22B and medium level spoiler at rear. Power has increased from 208 to 211bhp and brakes have improved with dual twin opposed pot calipers from the STi models.

22B-UK announced at the NEC Motorshow. Only 16 off to be imported, with conversion to UK specification by Prodrive.

Japanese STi models (version 5) have a high rear spoiler as standard. Suspension is revised with "upside down" dampers.

1999 April
Fourth UK special edition released. The RB5, only available in Blue Steel Metalic with special graphite coloured Speedline 17in alloys, Alcantara trim and air con as standard. Only 444 off produced to celebrate Richard Burns joining the Subaru WRC Team. The RB5 was also available as an RB5-WR with Prodrive high level spoiler and performance pack.

1999 October
Revised interior, new 16in alloys and colour coding of mirrors, and door handles.

P1 announced at the London Motorshow. 1000 off 278bhp 2 door coupes to be imported with full European Whole Vehicle Approval. Only available in Sonic Blue with suspension and body styling by Prodrive.

Japanese STi models (version 6) have high level spoiler, some double wing bi-plane style! New alloys also seen on some of the models.

2000 May
Special editon of the 2 litre Sport model. Available in either Canary Yellow, or Mica Black with matching interior trim and external bodywork to Turbo specification.

2000 September
New Age Impreza seen for the first time in Japan.

2000 October
Worldwide launch of the New Age Impreza. Three models to be introduced in the the UK - WRX 2 litre turbo, GX 2 litre and TS 1.6 litre. Both WRX and GX available in 4 and 5 door, the TS only 5 door.

Japanese STi seen for the first time in Japan.

2001 February
The WRX is released for the first time in the USA and Canada as the MY2002.

2001 May
First UK special edition of the New Age Impreza released. The UK300, only available in Rally Blue Metalic with gold 18in alloys, Prodrive front and rear spoilers, modified headlights and Alcantara trim as standard. Only 300 off produced. Available as an option on the UK300, this marked the first release of the Prodrive performance pack for the MY2001.

2001 September
European STi announced at the Frankfurt Motorshow along with an enhanced Prodrive Style model. In Japan the MY2002 WRX, STi8, and Prodrive Style announced all being lightly different to the Euro versions.

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It is a UK timeline. It gives the history of the Impreza... something that is frankly more relevant in a general sense than "the RS came out in '98 and the WRX in '01/'02".

You want a US timeline?

OK... the Impreza was released in '93/'94 just like in the UK.
It underwent a front end facelift in '96/'97 just like in the UK.
The 2.5RS was released in '98 with gold 5 spoke wheels and 2.5L DOHC.
The '99 RS was Phase 2 SOHC with silver 5 spoke wheels.
The '00 and '01 RS were also Phase 2 SOHC but with revised air flow sensors and six spoke silver wheels.
The '02 WRX (2.0L 227hp DOHC) and RS/TS (2.5L 165hp SOHC) were the new body style with round headlights.

2001 Silverthorn Coupe
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If check engine lights bother you and you intend to modify your car, 2000-2001 have lots of suck in that department.

with three friggen lights at any given time. :curse:
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