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I saw your post on I-Club! your ride looks tite! you know what I think I spotted you two weeks ago .I was driving a Silver Rs on the 101 fwy by the 405 and 101 split in SFV by Encino.

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Actually, that looks like a good group. They basically admited the wrx wasn't a good driver or the original guy was lying.

I've seen some boards where someone puts a CAI+muffler tip on his civic and they all talk about how soon they'd be killin' porches and vettes...riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. MAYBE after they add a twin turbo or something... and a different engine ;)

But that group seemed good. Still funny :)

I never like those "Kill" stories anyway. I mean, shit, do you know how many C5 vettes and 911's a pass every day? I mean just cuz they were travelling in the slow lane at 60 and I was going 75 doesn't mean we weren't racing!! ;)

lame... plus, street racing is lame anyway.

it's all... LAME! :D

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I personally liked the signature :rolleyes:

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