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Detroit Auto Show. Now who's wit me!

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Just checking to see who all is attending this gala affair. A bunch of us from OH are going up on the 19th.
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Cool, have fun checking out the new Brat. I'm going to wait for the Chicago show (new Legacy facelift). Wish I was in NY for the new Forester release though. :-/
I'm there, but then again i think you knew that since i'm heading up with you. Just need to see if someone up there will be willing to let me and two or three of my friends crash for friday night.

If I'm in my new place by then (should be), then you can crash at my place.
I think it's a little too far away from me...otherwise, I would go.
I WAS planning on going

But now I inadvertently committed to helping out at the AutoRama that weekend. Ed's car will be representing the solo community for the NEOhio region of SCCA. It should be alot of fun regardless. Get some swag while up there and I'll do the same.
I'm going....I figured you already knew since I was going to ride with you, but just thought I would remind you!!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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