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Definition of Fear

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Leaving your Suby with your 16 year old while you go away on business. Actually, I have been autocrossing with and he is not a bad driver for only having his license for 3 months. Still...a 16 year od with my Suby!!!!!
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Go get your hear examined, STAT!:eek:
And your head!:nuetron:

Nick C.
heheehehe if only it was me.....

Got one day at home between jobs. No scratches dents or anything bad, just the cone marks from the first autocross. Oh, yea, one of his friends told me I have a cool car. That scares me :rolleyes:
My cousin calls me at least once a week asking to drive mine lol... she just got her license a couple months ago... Ain't no way I'm leaving my keys anywhere when she's around ;)
What really scared me was watching that police chase with the
dump truck. Imagine driving down the street being careful and all of a sudden out of nowhere somebody being chased by the police rams into your car. man if something like that happened to my RS, I'd kill myself

Sorry to stray off topic.
Yeah that's how my dad felt when he left me with both the 300e and 325i about 8years ago when both cars were new.
My brother got pretty upset when I burrowed (stole) his 944.
Kind of an update...

They had a small ice storm in Indy today...I talked to my son and he claims that there were no problems. He accidently called me on his cell phone(hit the send button by mistake) and I heard some of his friends talking in the background I heard something about my son and a 900 turbo...again I live in fear.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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