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I was thinking of putting this on my car, the guy will cut it for me in a charcoal metallic, my car is Silverthorn.. Should I go for it?

More decals can be found on his site -



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You'll be fast and furious! haha, just playin'. :run:

I thought of doing that same thing to my car, but the car wouldn't look as clean and smooth as without decals. If you got it done professionally and with a shiny decal it'd looks really eye-catching. 2 cents.
Do you really want a horse on the side of your Impreza? I think that would go much better with a Mustang. Why not a big Subaru emblem?
There is a guy locally that had flames painted on a BRP RS. He had it done in a pearly 2 tone paint. It is very understated and you can't see it unless you look hard, or the sun is shining directly on it. It looks kewl.

As far as that decal, I like the way the horse 'bursts into flames', but I wouldn't use a horse myself. If it is what you want, go for it. How about a Subaru Logo that burst into flames, that would be kewlio!:D
Yeah, what he said. :D
I'm not a fan of vehicle graphics. But I agree with everyone else, If you do it go with the star cluster bursting into flames, not the horse.
Have a trunk monkey burst into flames!
Now there's a concept!:stupid:
Have a trunk monkey burst into flames!

[Comic Store Guy] Best Idea Ever! [/Comic Store Guy]
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Hey Minx,

I live by you, and I got to be honest with ya bro.
In my opinion, the horse decals would look kinda cheesy. Especially in a charcoal metallic against your STM, they would really stand out and be too flashy.
But, on the other hand, you drive a damn cool car, and I know you turn heads everywhere you go cuz I always do. The decals would turn even more heads. But I would agree with these other guys on getting the star cluster instead of the horse if you really want to do it!
Hey Les! Shout out to all Seattlelites :D.. Just for the record.. not a bro. Haven't you heard the saying, "naughty little minx?"

Yeah I agree with ya'll's.. I am thinking of drawing up the subi bursting into flames and having the guy cut it in a really light vinyl.. So it could be more understated...

Thanks for the input. :)

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