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dash light question

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I might be totally losing it but I have to ask.

On the console with the heat, stereo etc- all backlit with green, are the Hazard and Defrost sybmols also supposed to have backlighting??

I already know about how the defrost goes off after a while and I'm not talking about that..

But I need to know if those two buttons should have backlighting when the lights are on and all of the console is lit up.. If so I got to fix it pronto... I hate it when stuff doesn't work.

Hope I'm making sense..

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They don't light up on mine, but I have a '95 L.
Found out from my post on the "other" club, that YES, they do in fact light up.

I'll be fixing them right quick! :D

Maybe I should check mine to see if they are supposed to.
Mine don't either... How do you fix?

I can never find the things in the dark...:(
That's a good question. How DO you fix them? Does the whole guage cluster have to come off?
Hiya Minx, fancy seeing you here too...

Anyhow, when I fixed the light on my friends 240sx, we had the console off and I had to pop the entire switch out before I could even take a look at it. It was covered by a sleeve on the console. Also took off the harness out so I didn't have to work on it in the car.

Assuming that it's similar on our cars... His bulb wass in a small circular holder. It was easy to get out with a phillips screw driver. Like I said on the i-club post, it's probably just loose. Tighten it up and test it before you put stuff back together.

Sorry, don't know how to pull of the console for the part you guys need to get to.
Heya DoorKnob~ How's cali? I know, I'm a two-timer.... ;) What can I say but all you folks are way nicer ova here. :D Sometimes it's better to be part of the elite RS Only group.

I think we start with the cupholder.. I'm going to look at scoobymods documentation for inputting ICE and the gauges.. This at least will help me get in there

I plan on tackling this tomorrow so I'll let ya'll know how it goes. :D

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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