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The Dash Flocker!
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So we picked up a 2000 Forester for 'practical' duties. Time to sell off the original dash hauler for something bigger. More dashes and rally tires can fit in this thing plus it rides nice and quiet for a good daily driver. Bought it from the original owners who documented every oil change (at the dealer).

2000 Forester L 5 spd 2.5L

As we bought it with 125,000 on the odo:

The other day with a set of my rally wheels (Compomotive CXG 15x7, one of only 10 sets in north america):

So far I have just fixed a few little things. It needed a filler neck, and I changed all the valve cover gaskets and plug boots along with the oil.

I also modded my old impreza skidplate to fit, so it has front and rear skidplates.

No plans to mod it right now other than a pair of rally lights and maybe one of my flocked dashes I have laying around. Maybe a head unit that I can plug in my iPod too.

When the suspension wears out I might replace it with something better. The rear drums were serviced recntly so they will stay for awhile. Then maybe a rear disc swap.
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