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This block needs a line hone, light decking, and .004" cylinder hone for a .0035" PTW clearance with these JE pistons.


Block, pistons, rods, new in box EJ25 heat treated crank, and new in box ARP 2000 head studs: $3000 SHIPPED!!

Block, Rods, and Pistons: $2500 plus shipping

Block and Pistons: $2000 plus shipping


Darton Sleeved EJ257 Block: $1550 plus shipping
This is 100 less than what I paid.

NEW JE Pistons: $525 plus shipping
I paid $550 plus $160 for coating

NEW BC I-Beam Rods: $550 plus shipping

Do not expect me to accept lowballs, or put up with thread crapping. Buyer pays Paypal Fees.

Darton sleeved EJ257 block

I purchased this block 1/29/2009 from LIC Motorsports in Novato CA. They has it sleeved for their Time Attack car, but ended up with a sponsorship from Crawford, so they sold it.

It was sleeved by Race Engine Development in Oceanside CA. This is the shop that sleeves the engine for the GST L, and I believe it is the shop that Darton sends Subie blocks to in this part of the country.

It was then given to Rob's Auto Machine in Hayward CA. They build engines for GST as well. See a pattern? ;) Anyway, the block was cleaned up and bored to 100.01mm (ready for finish hone depending on pistons). This was the point where LIC changed plans, so no further work was done to the block.

After I brought it home it sat in the box until last spring when I started cleaning it, taking measurements, and chasing every thread on the block.

The marks on the case mating halves marks have been inspected by multiple shops and deemed insignificant. A very light filing was done just to be sure nothing was sticking up.

As mentioned above it needs a line hone. This is standard for a sleeved block. Just know that you CAN NOT just drop bearings in this block and go. One of the mains in particular is smaller than my EJ25 crank journal.

JE FSR 100mm Pistons - Embee Crown and Skirt Coating

These are a shelf JE piston. Part number 291062. I had them coated by Embee Performance Coatings (old website) in SoCal. They do a lot of Military work, and do coatings on the side.

Bore Size: 100
Dome Volume: -17.3
Weight: 413
C/D: 30.7

BC I-Beam Rods with ARP 2000 rod bolts

These are a shelf Brian Crower I-beam rod. Part number BC 6607. They were taken out of the bags to look at, weigh, and measure, but that is it.

CtoC: 5.141"
BE Bore: 2.166"
Weight: 560 grams

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