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1995 Subaru Impreza L/RS
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The motor/tranny build all together was about $5500. That's including the front mount, full speed density tune (including MAF relocation), harness merge etc.

1996 Brighton Impreza Coupe
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Great build! how did you do your shift boot/get the armrest in the center console? Also love how the boost gauges look. Keep up the good work

1995 Subaru Impreza L/RS
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Great build! how did you do your shift boot/get the armrest in the center console? Also love how the boost gauges look. Keep up the good work
Thanks! I bought a universal shift boot from AutoZone, slit small holes in it to wrap around the pegs on the underside of the center console trim piece that goes around the shifter, then put pieces of tape on the end of the pegs to keep the boot from sliding off. it's not perfect, but works pretty good. We bought the armrest off someone with a JDM version of my car. I was lucky, they're not easy to find.

We will probably get a new gauge pod as the fitment on that one leaves something to be desired, but I'm in love with the AEM gauges. :D

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This is my first Subaru. Bought it September, 2013. Just two days after selling my first car (and love) -- a 93 Acura Integra. I had always loved 2 door Subarus and after falling in love with a Subie man and his Subaru family, I knew I didn't have any other choice but to get a Subaru. At first I only wanted a coupe. After looking for quite some time and seeing the prices, I decided to branch out. It was then that I figured out that the 4 door Imprezas are the same wheel base and actually lighter. I could always do a 2.5 swap later. Thus, the love of my Darth Vader began.

Red 1995 Subaru Impreza L for $1300. Wrecked. The previous owner had ran it into a steel mailbox. Needed a new fender, bumper, hood, windshield, passenger side doors, side mirror, and the kicker panel was/is damaged. The car came with a Rallitek intake, black and blue 02-03 WRX front and rear seats, RS grill and RS headlights.

The gist of it is I put a frankenmotor, manual transmission, and exhaust in the car. Now we're in the process of doing an EJ205 swap.

What I've done to the car:

Purple/pink LED dash & HVAC lights
White LED dome light
New stereo, speakers, sub & amp
Momo Steering Wheel
JDM center console cubby/arm rest

Side view mirror
RS Hood
RS Bumper
Hella glass fog lights with 5000k HIDs (Disconnected as light scatter was horrid)
Aftermarket side skirts
Coupe wing
Entire car Plastidipped black
Nexen N 7000 tires
17"x7" MB Weapons wheels
Pink "Impreza" badge on front
Pink Subaru star badge on rear
Depo clear corner lights with LEDs
Clear side/fender marker lights
6000k (bluish white) HIDs in headlights

Rear drum to disc conversion
04 WRX Brakes front and rear

KYB Struts with H&R lowering springs
20 mm rear sway bar with Whiteline bushings
Audi solid rear end links

For frankenmotor swap: [Unequal length header
Catless midpipe with resonator
2.5" custom catback
Offbrand 4" can muffler]
For EJ205 swap: **3" Turbo back no name exhuast
4.5" can muffler**

A/T swapped to 96 Outback 4.11 close ratio M/T
Swapped 96 Outback M/T for 95 JDM Sti 4.11 M/T
Duralast clutch and flywheel (for frankenmotor)
Swapped for Exedy stock clutch, resurfaced stock flywheel
ExtraS (unicorn piss) gear oil/tranny fluid
Shifter stay bushings
Megan Racing Group N transmission mount and pitch stopper

Under The Hood:
Stock air box with Spectre filter (kept Rallitek intake tube)
New starter, alternator, and battery
Megan Racing Group N motor mounts
Legacy SS Crossmember
Delta Street Cams
Upgraded coil pack
Completely rebuilt 25D shortblock with:
--Polished crank
--ACL main and rod bearings
--Teflon coated pistons
--Grimmspeed lightweight crank pulley
Intake manifold spacers
New oil pan
New water pump and timing gears/sprockets/belt

Cobb SF intake
2002 EJ205 longblock with less than 100k miles on it
New WRX Radiator
Mac Valve
MAF Relocation for Speed Density Tune
TGV Deletes
Turbo Inlet
Gates Racing Timing Kit

How it looked when freshly bought:

How it's looking now:
Hey this was my buddy’s old car did u get it from a guy name wolf lived in weed ca years ago
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