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Darn SE-R's

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Anyone raced the new Nissans Sentras SE-R's yet. There was 2 in GS and both took 1st and 2nd with very good times.

I embarrassed myself running 9th of 10. I really didn't know how bad those stock Potenza's are till today. I squalled my tires at start grip. Tire Rack here I come with some Kuhmo V700's.
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Tire Rack here I come with some Kuhmo V700's.
Good idea, that should help you out significantly.
Need a tire tip? Keep the tire pressures on all 4 low. Since you won't be going any high speeds, you could drop below manufacturer recommendations. :checkit:
We had a Spec-V and an SE in ours on Sunday. The Spec-V was hanging in the middle of all the Subarus, but it was his first time too. The SE did better but driver (Todd Swenson) is awesome. I will give my respect to the Spec-V they will prove to be troublesome once they start getting some real mods out for them. The Spec-V was bone stock, but it ran in STS because he is friends with all us Scooby guys.
I was just reading through the latest grassroots and it stated that the ser spec v is supposed to be in D-stock. maybe you should double check at your region to see if that's correct.
Yeh, the Spec V is in D-stock, and the "normal" SE-R (and the previous body style SE-Rs) are in G-stock.

Chris H.
puckaveli said:
The Spec-V was bone stock, but it ran in STS because he is friends with all us Scooby guys.
Doesn't the Spec-V have a torsen LSD (or at least a non-viscous one)? If so, it's not technically STS legal (it is STX legal though). It's the same reason the Integra Type R can't run in STS.

Granted it's a fairer place for him to play than against "stock" cars on R-compounds, though... :lol:
yep, warp3 is right. it has a helical LSD just like the ITR (the only way to go on a FWD IMHO) so it is illegal in STS. only factory viscous units are allowed in STS. but if no one in the class cares and they're all friends, so what. he just better not try to run a divisional or pro event in STS :)
Thanks, I'll have to see what type of SE-R it is at the next event. I just don't wanna be a butt. :stinky:
There were two Spec V SERs at yesterday's autox, both running D-Stock. Nice cars -- I like the interior.

I beat the better of the two by a few tenths (me -- 43.4, him 43.7) in my STS RS. The PAX results show a 0.9 second difference between us.

They look like they'll be good competition.

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