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Welcome to my Subaru story/daily car build.

My 98 L 559 Brilliant Red (Dipped Matte White):

Current upgrades:(Installed as of now)
05 STi clutch pedal
Stock Exedy clutch/flywheel for 20K
USDM WRX clutch master cylinder
V4 STi 4.444 5spd and VISCOUS rear diff with dual splined axle.
WRX Driveshaft/New axles

Aluminum control arms/STi Transverse cone/New ball joints
Cusco Carbon rear strut bar (Legit)
Front STi Carbon strut bar LINK
KYB AGX struts with Eibach 1" lowering springs
SubySolutions Rear End-Links
V4 STi front End-Links
V4 STi rear swaybar
V4 STi Type R front swaybar
Whiteline Anti-Lift Kit (ALK)
Whiteline subframe locking bolts

EJ20K STi V4 merged by IWire
ACL Race bearings - installed on motor .002" main and .0015 rods
ARP head studs
ARP rod bolts
DeatschWerks DW 200 Fuel Pump LINK
EJ257 Rods / factory forged pistons
GRIMMSPEED 8mm phenolic spacers
HKS Hi-power catback
Malpassi Seregno FPR/Ace Hardware pressure gauge
Silicone turbo inlet LINK
Tomei FPR adapter
Parallel fuel mod
V4 STi MLS thick head gaskets
V4 STi Type R front subframe
V4 STi Type R power steering cooler
VF-24 turbo
Zerosports intake pipe
GRIMMSPEED lightweight crank pulley LINK

05 STi brake pedal
225/45/17 Pirelli P Zero Nero All-season (more like all gay)
4 Pot brakes (Painted black and rebuilt) LINK
Work Emotion CR Kai 17x7 (+32)

All door trim removed and welded smooth!
Baseball-bat fender roll/slight pull
Crystal V5/6 headlamps
Depo clear corners
Depo clear turn signals
German horns unknown brand
JDM Flat fuel door
Plasti-Dip Matte White
V4 Sti aluminum hood LINK
V4 STi front bumper/fog covers
V4 STi front fender liner with brake ducts!
V4 STi rear bumper and spats
V4 STi spoiler
V4 JDM Tails

Airbag delete/Dash cubbie
DIY door card material in black LINK
Momo race wheel with Boss adapter LINK
JDM Lit Cigarette lighter
Pioneer DEH-P5000UB Deck
Sound deadening removal
Subaru WRC Titanium Shift Knob ST350224S010 LINK
V4 STi cluster LINK
V4 STi E-brake Boot (red stitching)

Amsoil 75-90 in VLSD
Extra S in trans
O'Reilly's Brake/Clutch fluid
Pennzoil ATF in PS pump
Rotella T6 in engine
? in Radiator

Future upgrades that I have now:
04 STi I/C Sprayer tank and wiring etc
04/05WRX seats
H6 rear discs / JDM WRX calipers
Mines H-brace
Oil pressure/temp/boost/water temp prosport gauges.
Trust/Greddy oil cooler
Type R power steering cooler

Future upgrades that I don't have now:
New Tires (Star Specs?)
ISC N1 Coilovers
Exedy Stage 1 clutch (15802)
Whiteline roll center kit w/ tie rod ends
Whiteline Steering rack bushings/stock ps boots
STi PS rack
Grimmspeed AOS/Crawford V2 or just a catch can
Grimmspeed Bellmouth Downpipe
Throttle coolant line removal (Maybe not)
Turbo heat blanket
22B vents
Some kind of awesome seats (WRX Black)
Front lip?
Triple gauge pod or pillar mount
Cool lug nuts
The list will never stop

For some reason I waited to buy my first Subaru after I was stationed in Okinawa. It was a 97 Legacy RS (twin turbo).

The guy I bought it from neglected to tell me it was poorly maintained and raced hard. The sequential turbo system didn't work properly and was usually stuck with the primary turbo that had the boost CRANKED up. The smell of fuel in my oil let me know my piston rings had a couple days left.

I limped it to the junkyard as these engines were impossible to find locally at the time. I figured that I liked the car so much in such a short time, that I should try another. So onto the 98 Legacy B4 RSK (twin turbo). It was the successor to the RS, so it made sense to me :)

My buddies FD that he shipped back to the US:

My wife bought a 98 WRX at that time, and although I loved the B4 (there were very few out here when I bought mine) they started showing up EVERYWHERE. There are 9 of them on my 300 ft street right now! Here was her inspiration to me:

So I did it. 97 STi V-limited.
First day:

Tried a few mods like:
HKS downpipe
Blitz Nur Spec catback
Kartboy subframe locking bolts
crappy intake
Front mount (regretted and removed)
Trust oil cooler (my fav)
Zerosports SS brake lines
Some kind of springs, maybe lowered a bit
WEDS SA-70 17x7.5 +? don't remember/215/45 RE050 tires
Oil pressure/temp/boost/water temp gauges

Next to Old GC8/Old Duwel:

Oh yeah, the B4 got T-boned, so I fixed and sold it for a good price. I got this in the meantime, a 92 GTS-T Skyrine... Not really worth mentioning :p

So. I went through 3 motors in the V3 and with my plans at the time it was time to sell it. I though I was leaving and it was solid now that all the "kinks" were gone. I sold it and got this for the last few months or so I thought.

Haha fun little 98 Demio.

I of course got sick of it and found a V4 STi in need of TLC, but the motor and trans were awesome. It had a newer V4 motor and was way faster than my V3 for some reason. Now it is really time to leave so I'll let the pics do the talking.

Went from this:

To 5 of these and more:

Thanks for reading!


Impreza Actual
2001 RS-T
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Sad to say, but I pretty much have a buyer for the engine and trans. I am also selling the HKS coilovers today. I think I will build a EJ257 torque monster GC, or 05/06 STI.

I don't know where I am going to move still and have never had to do emissions/smog or whatever it's called. I am worried about trying to source a clean '95. Any input? What kind of things are allowed post 95 -- Swaps as long as they're OBD2?

Impreza Actual
2001 RS-T
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Some of the parts I debated selling, but am NOT SELLING:

JDM tails (with white body pieces)
Flat fuel door (white)
Aluminum STi hood (white with scoop+vents)
STi front and rear bumper
Type R power steering cooler
Front swaybars 19mm (x2)
GDB Spec C Aluminum arms (added caster)
Cusco rear carbon strut bar
STi carbon front strut bar
Older Momo race wheel
BOSS wheel hub adapter for airbag
wheel hub adapter for non-airbag
Mines lower H-brace
Depo clear corners
4 Pot front brakes/rotors
Airbag delete pocket (should fit LHD)

Impreza Actual
2001 RS-T
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Well I ordered ACL race bearings for the rods and main. I also bought ARP head studs and head gaskets.

Instead of the 11044AA463 I got the 11044AA483 gaskets. They are for a twin turbo legacy. Does anyone see a problem with them? They seem to be MLS as well.

Tonight I buy all the rest of the o-rings and gaskets!

Edit: I got the wrong gaskets. Subaru Okinawa traded me for the correct set though (11044AA463).
I got them for 100 bucks from some guy online! That was like almost 40 bucks off with the yen rate!

Impreza Actual
2001 RS-T
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anymore info on the power steering cooler, like pics etc? curious!

jealous i always wanted an r32 hehe
Well I don't have a pic as it just was all picked up by the movers and on it's way to the U.S.! It is pretty much just the long hairpin shaped tube on top (front or back I can't remember) of the radiator. The Type R one looked aluminum and had coils wrapped around it. It is a factory Subaru piece.
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