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RSTi Update

Danny, I have a fantastic story for you. I know you sold the car a long time ago, and seeing as I found this thread of your original build I wanted to update you. I was the last known owner of this fantastic car. Unfortunately, I sold it two years ago. I regret that decision ever since. You turned this into a proper car my friend, I enjoyed every second of it. I bought it off a gentleman in Vermont, and drove it all the way back up to Maine. I'm currently looking for the person I sold it to, to see if I can purchase it back and keep the dream alive. Attached is the last photo I have of the car, and yes I did put the big scoop on it (I was younger back then). I will update you and everyone else if I do end up locating it. Thank you for all your time and effort you put into this wonderful vehicle, it did not go unappreciated.

This made my day! I know I'm like 3 years late to reply....but I'm glad you enjoyed the car!

To continue this story I moved to the south shore (Boston) several years ago and you would not believe this...occasionally see some guy in my current town in this exact swapped 2.5RS driving it around (picture attached)!

I **** a brick when I first saw it and recognized it instantly as my old car with the turbo snail sticker on the rear window!

If given the chance, I would definitely buy it back and give it a proper rebuild. Does anyone know who owns the car? He had a sticker on the back windows.

I still have that E46 M3 I picked up now with some tasteful mods, daily a 2017 F150, and have my old 1990 F150 rusting away in the yard. rocks and I'm glad to see its still kicking...haven't been on here in years! The BMW forums have nothing on this site.


861 - 864 of 864 Posts