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1999 STM Subaru Impreza 2.5RS

>>List of Modifications<<
1999 Subaru Impreza 2.5RS
Bought used from Herb Chambers Honda in Burlington, MA for $9,500 in July of 2005 with 55K miles.

-2004 EJ257 STi Shortblock (40K at 99K)
-2004 EJ205 WRX Heads, Intake Manifold, wiring, ECU (60K at 99K)
-Bren Tuned 313 WHP / 360 WTQ
-Intake manifold and TGVs painted wrinkle red
-T-bolt clamps
-Deatschwerks 750cc top feed injectors
-USDM STi TMIC & hood scoop splitter
-Perrin After-MAF
-Grimmspeed 3 port EBCS
-TGV deletes
-Gimmick Motorsports Turbo Inlet
-Perrin Turbo Blanket
-Walbro 255 lph fuel pump
-IHI VF43 (installed with 8k miles at 120k miles on chassis)
-Injen 3” Bellmouth Catted Downpipe
-Maddad Whisper 2 cat-back
-EJ25D head gaskets
-ARP Head Studs
-Gates Racing Timing Belt
-OEM Subaru 11mm Oil Pump
-Wiring Harness Merge by ECS
-Helix up pipe
-K&N intake panel filter
-Samco Intercooler Y-pipe
-Autometer 52mm mechanical boost gauge 30 in / 30 lb
-GlowShift 52mm A-pillar gauge cup
-WRX engine crossmember
-Group N engine mounts
-Group N tranny mount
-Group N pitch stop mount
-Exedy LW flywheel
-ACT HD pressure plate
-ACT street clutch disc
-ACT release bearing
-Cusco Catch Can

Suspension & Brakes
- RCE Tarmac II’s
- 600 lb Hyperco front springs with 80/60/30 H&R tender springs
- 500 lb Hyperco rear springs with 20/60/80 H&R tender springs
- Torrington Bearings
- Vorshlag front and rear camber plates
-camber bolts F&R
-24mm adjustable Whiteline Rear sway bar
-Kartboy solid rear sway bar end links
-OEM 20mm WRX Wagon Front sway bar
-Whiteline solid front sway bar end links
-Kartboy Exhaust hangers
-’06 WRX 4-pot/2-pot brakes with ’06 rear hubs
-Agency Power SS brake lines
-Motul RBF600 racing brake fluid
-Hawk HPS brake pads
-DBA 4000 Series T-Slot Slotted Brake Rotors
-GrimmSpeed Master Cylinder Brace
-Paranoid Fabrications Front Fender Braces
-2004 WRX steering rack
-Whiteline steering rack bushings

-Kartboy Short Shifter
-Cobb Tuning hardened shifter bushings
-JDM V2 or V3 WRX Mechanical Rear LSD (36K at 76K)
-JDM mLSD rear axle shafts
-Kartboy Soft White Rear Diff Outrigger Bushings

-JDM V6 STi front and rear seats
-Door cards reupholstered JDM grey
-Extended Armrest
-Scroth Rallye-4 harness
-STi Duracon Shift Knob
-Rubber accordion shift boot
-Alpine CDA-9856 head unit
-Pioneer TS-D161R 6.5” speakers
-Kenwood KAC-716 Mono Amplifier
-JL Audio Power Wedge 10” enclosure & Grille
-Polk Audio DXI104DNC 10” Subwoofer
-Trunk light kit
-Legacy flip down DIN compartment
-Rubber floor mats / Prodrive floor mats
-Painted roof liner, roof pieces, and controls black
-Trunk Lift springs from a wingless Impreza L

-Osram 70/65w H4 headlight bulbs
-Upgraded headlight wiring with relay kit from Daniel Stern Lighting
-Scangauge II
-ABS On/Off Switch
-Hella Supertones painted flat black mounted in the grill
-Amber corner lights
-JDM Taillights
-Version 5/6 JDM replica front lip
-Painted side skirts
-JDM rear spats
-Debadged SUBARU on trunk
-35% Tinted windows
-Rolled fenders
-Impreza L 3rd brake light
-Replica JDM V5/6 Fog light covers
-Replica 22b hood vents
-WRX Variable Intermittent Wiper Stalk

Wheels & Tires
-Winter: 205/55/16 Dunlop Winter Sport M3’s on OEM Silver 16x7” 5-spoke’s
-Summer: 225/45/17 Dunlop Direzza ZII’s on 17x8” +45mm Black Enkei RPF1’s


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In 2004, I got a 2000 Impreza OBS which was not only my first car, but also my first subaru. However, I only had that for 4-5 months until I wrecked it. Very minimal mods on it (KB short shifter, etc)

After waiting (and looking) for 6 more months, I finally came across a '99 RS coupe. I picked it up from a local Honda stealership for $9,500 in August of '05. Right after buying it, I put on an L hood and took off the rear wing. I ran it like that for a while.

And this is where everything really started to take off. I'm going to do the best I can to summarize what happened in the best detail possible between when I bought the car and now. After that, I will continue to update this thread as time goes along.

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2005/2006 UPDATE

I got a set of STi wheels/tires, Prodrive P1 springs, kyb agx's, jdm V7 WRX seats then later a Corbeau forza, and a lot more. Got rear ended by a dump truck this year and got a lot of fresh paint and JDM tails out of it.

Later I traded for a set of Gold STi wheels.


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newbie ? but how did you get the sti wheels to fit on your car?
'04 STi wheels are 5x100 and the right offset. It's the tires that won't fit. 225's will rub. I've had all 4 fenders rolled. You only need the rear two rolled to fit 225's unless you're reaaallllly low. I rolled the fronts since I'm going to run 245's next summer.

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I started this journal a while back, but didn't do a very good job. I started updating everything today. By tonight, I should have updated everything up until the current state of my RS with descriptions and pictures.

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05/01/08: rear MLSD

A week or so back, I installed a JDM V2 or V3 (seller didn't know which) JDM WRX rear Mechanical LSD with matching axle shafts. I also threw in KB rear diff/crossmember bushings. Here's some pictures from that install.

Just getting set up.

My brother lending a hand with the new JDM mLSD

The new unit.

Old open rear diff coming out.

Completely out.

MLSD set up to be lifted into place.

Picture of the whole mess.

Right now, I'm waiting to get my hood vents, bumper vents, and fog covers back from Subajay. He's repainting them since last time he got PSM instead of STM. I'm also scheduling an apt. at Fastrack Auto in Peabody, MA to get cornerweighted and aligned (with rear camber bolts).

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Should be getting cornerweighted and aligned this saturday. Can't wait! I'm super pissed though. I just found out that my CC got a lot of charges yesterday that I never made. I'm just glad I caught it before too long. Just cancelled the card and am waiting to hear back from my CC company. This sucks.

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I think I've decided to go a different route than a swap. I think I'm going to do a mild N/A build. I just posted an ad for a spare motor. This is a rough idea of the setup I'm aiming to start putting together.

EJ251 (phase II SOHC)
Cobb spicy cams or delta regrinds
head work (valvejob, port, polish)
lightweight flywheel, upgraded clutch
EL headers
high flow cat pipe
Rallitek PP6 piggyback
TB spacer
maybe extrudehone the Intake manifold
LW pulley
group N motor/tranny mounts (might go with cusco ones)
remove AC system
I'm thinking about ditching all the ABS eqpt. and installing new hard lines everywhere.

already have: COBB CAI, stromung CBE

plus lots of little things like gaskets, seals, timing belt, tensioner, etc. to bring the motor back to a healthy state. Still deciding on a lot of parts/things. Been reading up and doing my homework. I thought about building up the bottom end and valvetrain, but I don't really want to spend that much money right now on my RS.

I only need ~152ish WHP to have the stock power : weight ratio of a stock WRX and this setup should get me in that neighborhood. :)

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oh how was the install for the third brake light?
Real easy. I got it from a junk yard for 10$. It was tan, so I sprayed it black. You have to either get a rear deck cover for a car that came with a 3rd brake light there, or you can cut up your one with no hole for the light. I opted for the second option. Other than cutting up the deck cover, it's just 2 bolts (maybe 3). Took a total of maybe 2 hours including going to the junk yard, painting, and install.

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Ok guys, I just started picking up parts for the N/A mild build.

I've got an STi Axleback in my garage that I picked up for. Just paypalled a member here for OBX EL headers also. I've got lines on the PP6 and cams as well.

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Should be getting the following in the mail very soon.

Rallitek PP6
OBX EL Headers
Deta Aggressive SOHC cams

For a whopping $779.00. Including the STi axleback that I just picked up, I've spent a grand total of $904.00 so far.

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Things are starting to arrive. I took some pictures today after work.

Pulled the alternator and polished it up a bit to try out a new stripping wheel I got.

PP6 came in the mail today! Now I'm doing more reading. My goal is to get the PP6 wi-red up, installed, and functioning before I do the rest of the work on the RS.

Camber bolts are going in tomorrow morning with my cornerweight/alignment.

STi Axleback

The delta cams and OBX EL headers are in the mail right now. Should be here early next week.

My shopping list / to do list is getting more solidified:
Cobb Tuning CAI
Sti Axleback
Rallitek PP6
OBX EL Headers
Delta Aggressive Reground Cams
valvejob, PnP heads
PnP intake manifold or gasket match
Custom midpipe with HF cat and resonator
Exedy sport clutch
Exedy LW flywheel
STi Pitch Stop Mount Group N
group N tranny mount
group N motor mounts
rallitek 02 sensor spacer
scan gauge II
head gaskets
cam seals
valvecover gaskets
intake gaskets
exhaust gaskets
Remove A/C
remove ABS and install hard lines
gauges (oil, temp + press., coolant temp, vaccuum)
wideband 02 sensor or AFR
LW pulley
dyno tuning

Some things are still up in the air, but I'll play it as it comes.

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I got corner weighted today at Fastrack in Peabody. Scott did great work. I now have -2* camber in front and -1.5* camber in the rear. Toe is just about 0 all around.

Total weight w/ 1/2 tank of gas and in auto-x trim (with me in it) was just under 3000 lbs. The RS was also raised up about 1/2" from before and I now have no rubbing anywhere!


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how do you like the coilovers?
Favorite mod by far. You can't beat the megans for the price.

I also got my RS parked next to a Wrangler with off road tires... my dads Wrangler, lol
That's my brothers wrangler. It's now rocking 35's and a host of new drivetrain shit.
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