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"D" number for 4-pot pads

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Does anyone know the universal D number for the 4-pot brake pads? All brake linings have a D-somethng part number, to make it easier to cross reference from one brand to the next. For example I think the 2-pot pads are d-721. If you have that number, it's much easier to find pads at your local parts store where they don't list an Impreza with 4-pots. I think that 300zxTT pads, or 89-95 toyota 4x4 pads may be the same.
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I think you have to go aftermarket as the last few sets of 4pot pads in the US warehouse were sold a few months ago (I think they were disco. in the US since we never actually had 'em here).
yes, 300zx TT also shares the same 4pot pads as the Subaru 4pot.
For anyone who's interested, my research has led me to believe that the 300ZX TT pads, Toyota 4x4 (89-95) and Subaru 4-pot pads are all the same, and since I just replace the pads on my 92 Toyota 4x4 yesterday, I can tell you that the number is D-436.
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