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Custom Compact Power Jam ! May 3rd-5th!!

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RS club!!
I already posted about this in I club!! Rooms go very quick, SO if you are going try to get a hotel closes to the Fairgrounds!!
GO to!! All the info you need.
I also will be showing and AUTO X!! I am ready to whop it on up:nuetron: :eek: :sunny:

The best show I have been to. NICE women TOO!!
Thats is were the pic of those HOOKers were kissing in front of my car last year!! ;) :drool:

Who is going to make IT!!
Oh yea.. They do not have RS club on their computer units but I club is available when u register. Early registration saves u big bucks!!!
Richie RIch
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Damn U school BUS steve!!!;) :stinky:

So Is any GC8's GOING ! I DONT want to be sourounded by STOCK WRX's!!!!

so whos going and u need to make reservations for hotes asap!! GO to the website in the first post!!


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Hey EJ25. I beleive you were their the last 2 years as well. I had a lip spoiler or some different than that last pic. Thos Wheels are the BOMB! You had Very nice ride. I beleive you where the guy who was talking to me about how all someone stole ur system !~ I believe it was you . I could be wrong, But that car looks familiar!!

See you around man. Try to get a hotel at the ECONO LODGE!!

Yeah it was most likly me cause they broke into it twice. the one time it was thursday night right before the show! Istill had the rear seat half torn out and the whole center console was missing for the show! BTW, I only live 25 minutes away so I'll just drive, but that won't stop me from hanging out with everyone friday or saturday night! hopefully I'll have my CF hood& trunk by then!! I can't wait!
Nice ride Nick

Very nice. I will be their with my bad RBP RS!!

What hotel u staying at> ?? how far are you from the fairgrounds!//??

i live near Reading, which is close enough to go home everyday
but i will probly stay pretty late at carlisle. i remember your car from last year. mine has changed a bit. You might remember, it had white wheels then.
talk to you later
EJ25 where in York do you frequent? I think I may have seen the car before. I live near there (felton, near Red lion) and and often in York (usually up and down rt24). We'll have to hook up sometime.

Mine's is a BRP with P1's and Rallispec N1 exhaust (very loud).

Odd, but I don't recall seeing your car at Carlisle. Though that only means I was gawking at the two strippers swaping tongues instead of cars. :D


Bob o I think that pic was in front ofmy car! It was awesom., I have a picof them in fron tof my shit as well HAHAHAH

I cant wait till May !!
there's an autocross or are you talking about the roadcourse thing

Anthony C
The road course thing!:happynow:
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