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Creaking / Flexing noise!

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Alright so lately I've been noticing that whenever I drive overa anything that's not flat (ie: speed bumps, sloped curbs), I can hear this sort of creakinf noise. It sound like my chassis is flexing or something. But I am also thinking that it might have something to do with the suspension. Maybe bearings or something?
Anyone had this problem with their car?

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How big is the stock rear sway bar?
Yeah I would have to agree with horatio on this one.

I have never heard anyone call a sway bar a strut bar, simply for the reason stated above...
The sway bar doesn't mount to or even touch the struts.

But anyway thanks for the input on the subject.

I ordered the cusco strut bars the day I posted this thread cuz I figured they would help (both front and rear)
They should be in by friday.

But I am also gonna be buying an FHI 20mm sway bar soon cuz I'm putting springs on.

Thanks my brothas
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1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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