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Crazy Australian twin supercharged Ford pickup?

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Click the green hood shot of this Ford:

I don't know WHAT kind of Ford pickup that is, but this engine is INSANE! :eek:
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What an ugly ass color!

I wonder how fast it is..
It's a Ford Falcon Ute... available as a chassis cab as well. :eek:

From the factory it's offered with a 4.0 V6 or 5.0 (really? or is it the 4.9L 302?) V8.

The XR8 trim comes with a 200 KiloWatt (what is that? about 350 horses?) high output version of the 5.0. Wow.

Then to stick two blowers on it? Ikes.

Ooh. You can get a "Sports Momo steering wheel" for $1235 AUD
hope it's a nice wheel.

Fully tricked out they come in at almost $60k AUD. Wow.
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Wild! It looks kinda like a Lotus Europa. Reminds me of a Transformer I used to have... :D

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HEY! thats my car

What a pleasent supprise to see my car here, at the moment its parked in the workshop under covers, I dont get a chance to drive it much lately as all my time is spent developing the new headlights for the rex.
The engine is a 5lt. Cleveland with 2 Toyota roots blowers running on lpg, (note the carbs), and yes it goes like stink, but top speed isn't that great because of the gearing, 160kph, but you are there before you know it.
The colour is actually a bright turquoise which dosn't photograph to well.


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reminds me of the el camino than a pick up truck. Now Im not getting in an argument whether the el camino is a car or a truck:p
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