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A Blue RS
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So everyone remembers my nightmare car right?, well after the trans swap everything started to go to hell. Blew the motor, put the new one I'm wouldn't idle correctly, so got pissed and parted the bitch out (still in progress{buy my shi t}).

So after that I decided to look around for a new impreza, because that was the best choice right? I had a parts car what could go wrong.

Found a 2001 Blue Ridge Pearl RS coupe on craigslist, decent body, rusty quarters, the usual. And most importantly factory 5spd. Awesome right!?!

Now the kicker Rebuilt motor with zero compression in drivers side head. Well thinking to myself probably just a head/valve issue no big still new short block. So call the guy chat with him for a bit negotiate price and off with a trailer I go. Get there talk some with the guy me and my dad look over the car exchange money and paperwork. And on our way we go.

Get the car home, yank the motor, rip the heads off new gaskets and a different set of heads(known working) put motor back in, starts right up set idle and away we go. Car felt great stock as can be.

300 miles go by, and bye bye bearings :unamused: so once again yank the motor and go to the local pick and pull find the cleanest 251 in the lot and in the motor goes. Starts up great everything goes great got a car again awesome sauce.

Now I made a big mistake, I didn't refresh the motors gaskets, and guess what 1000miles later new head gasket time! :unamused:

So off to the machine shop a set of heads go, I bought a set of 6 star gaskets off a member here. And just keep driving around until I have time to pull the motor again.

We get to one week before our annual mwsoc shootout 200miles away, and **** well I have to get it done but I loaned my hoist out damnit, so message my buddy who had it and ask when he's gonna be doing his motor, ends up being that Saturday. So that in one weekend I did 2 motor pulls and installs, with head gaskets on 1, oh and a steering rack install, and an axle.

And once again I have car I can drive without much worry, Yay. Shootout ready!

And at the shootout my o2 goes out and I run the even in limp mode, AutoX the next day in limp mode too.

Also the timeline on all those events was like 2.5months, yupp 2 different motors, 4 different sets of heads and a very pissed off girlfriend later we have a limping RS hence limpy. And that's how I got limpy to its current state.

Oh and I need transfer bearings now!

Current Pictures (whatever is on my phone at the moment)


A Blue RS
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JDM Hazard Switch
GD WRX seats
Impreza Branded Trunk Mat
Light up Lighter
Carbon Trim
TRUNK LIGHT (a must for any GC)
STI ebrake handle
Prodrive shift knob
Flocked cubby

Shoot-through Fog Light Covers
V5 Wing
JDM Clear Corners
Clear Side Markers
I badge
Headlight retrofits

Still to go on
EDM Smooth Rear bumper with spats
P1 rep lip

4/2 Pot Brakes (JDM of course)
SS brake lines
07 wrx rear knuckles
STI Short Throw Shiftage w/ Kartboy Shifter
EL headers, With a BROSPEED Axleback (temp prodrive will be back soon)
Short air ram
Exedy stage 1 clutch (07 WRX)
07 WRX Master and Slave
SS clutch line
Whiteline lock down bolts
07 WRX trans w/ matching rear

STI carbon front strut tower bar
Group N Trans Mount
Kartboy Pitch mount
Kartboy rear stay bushing
Kartboy front stay bushing
Kartboy outrigger bushing
22mm Whiteline Front Sway
20mm WRX rear Sway
Whiteline steering rack bushings
Eibach rear lateral links
FATBOY rear end links
M4iF fender braces
Gymkhana springs

Pioneer double din
Alpine front speakers (no rear)
Alpine 10in sub
w/ Audiobahn amp

Wheels & tires:
99 rs 5 spoke w/ 205/55/16 blizzak ws70
Enkie RPM 17X7.5 +48 w/ 225/45/17 RT615 tires

2000 Impreza 2.5RS BRP
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Hooray for Limpy! :D

I wish I could include the AutoX picture you posted of Hogan and Limpy from Tapatalk. Stupid attachments.

99' AW Swapped GM6
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Really? Im surprised. I saw the negative seller ratings and I was already on red flag. Im glad that it fits well. Gonna leave it black or paint it to match?

98 gc coupe L
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Seen limpy in person pretty clean also got the rs wing ur car looking good with the lip n v5 wing keep it up man am still working on shipping my lil gc project out to az so I can start working on it again cause there are barely any gc out here lmfao people are like u have gc coupe ahaha

2000 Impreza 2.5RS BRP
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I can't say I like those fog covers on BRP, although they are rare. The lip will look good when painted though. Get on that!
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