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coupe with sedan spoiler?

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Anybody have a picture of a RS coupe with a RS sedan spoiler?
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check out rodsNcones on here or the other club....his car has the sedan wing on coupe with safari tint
see if you can track down pics from NESIC, or RyanC. He had that.

Yes, go to i-club.

or check and then go to the gallery...if you see the Rhode Island meet (last March) or the Burlington meet (last Jan.), he was at those with the car...
There is nothing better looking than a coupe with a sedan spoiler.

Since I am such a nice guy, I will trace for free (BRP with some scratches...).
That's what I currently have

It's not an RS, so excuse the "old" front end! :)
this was over in the gallery

this is what i am going to do. sedan wing looks sooooo scoobynet from the 90's!! i like it.

hope he doesn't mind. goregous car!
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that's long's car (rodsNcones) that i was talking about earlier
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