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2 broken subarus...
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Hey, I've been around for a little while, owned a few OBS' and recently graduated to a WRX Wagon. The thing is, that I've established a daily driver. (Or I will have once I acquire one more part, but that's a different story)

The thing that I want, however, is a shell. Not just any shell though. I want a 2 door coupe. I've had three wagons, it's time to own something with a separate trunk. But I don't want your completely rusted coupe sitting in the middle of a field for 20 years. I also don't want your $20k rsti. Here are some of the things I want and don't want.

I want:
A coupe shell
As little rust as I can muster (no frame rust, but quarters and body parts are fine)
Not terribly wrecked (not tboned or frame damage please)

I don't need:
Drive train
Body panels (except doors and maybe trunk)
Anything over $1000

My budget is rather small, but I know there is someone on here that has a coupe in their yard, field, barn, storage unit, etc. that just wants it gone. I want to build my own, with my own parts. Feel free to ask questions. I am willing to go get it, but keep in mind, I'm on the east coast, and I don't have the resources to go get something on the west coast.
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