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Hey all i have a 98 impreza rs. i just recently got a cosmo racing sri and of course theres no directions anywhere so i decided to make one. also i did a non mechanic opinion on its ups and downs.

its a step by step with pics. any questions at all feel free to ask. also if anyone with a sri can comment on the ups/downs i would appreciate it. here is the step by step link....... must log into myspace.

-the sound of it sounds great when it kicks in
-it was fairly easy to install and remove the old one
-i dont have any voltage or start or low end pick up problems
-not sure about the horse power but it def feels good when you strike the gas pedal to the floor.

-not all the hardware "comes" with the kit and there were some decent modifications needed. see * at the end.
-you need to literally be in 1st-5th and have your gas pedal to the floor to hear it kicking in...does anyone know why? i even tried an aem filter.
-running a normal drive and shifting round 3grand sounds no different than the factory setup. even in 5grand, without the pedal to the floor you hear nothing. i dont know why it is either.
-mounting hardware is a joke. and its not the best mounting option but i kinda did it.

-for $110 delivered in 4 days it was a cheap upgrade. yet to see what it does to gas performance.

*the modifications included:
-the main intake hose doesnt come with the kit and your forced to use the factory one. problem is that it isnt long enough. you can go to autozone and get a foot of it for like 1.70 total. the preferred way though is to get an L hose. the problem i ran into was a straight hose kinks because the engine port is perpendicular to the port on the intake pipe. or you can try to imitate the way i used zip ties to eventually get it to not kink.

good luck all. also if anyone can comment or help me out with my "downs" problems i would greatly appreciate it.

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I can hear my SRI in all gears...and I'm using factory intake piping with a MAF adapter and an Intimidator cone filter. Not sure why you can't hear yours...

you should copy and paste the steps and pics to the thread cause I'm pretty sure plenty of people on here don't have myspace accounts
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