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Cool Logo

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I made this cool logo off of some logos that I found at

You like?
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You likes
Not bad, very artistic and original. Me likes!
It's a good looking logo. Just I don't like having STI on it, maybe a rabbit?

Peace! :happynow:
SubaDan hey the sticker looks nice. Good job. I have not seen you around here in a while. Hope things are well.

being one of the old school guy i too dislike the sti logo ...

but here is a rabbit to play with

i have it in .PS if you want to play with it int freehand or illistrator


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Not bad, but I too am a "rabbit" lover.

wait..that sounded wrong :run:

Hey guys I have a question. Why is a rabit used as a symble for the Subarus? I dont get it, would someone please explain. Thanks.

Kristi :confused:
Basically the first vehicle Subaru released was a scooter called the Rabbit. Its wheels were surplus airplane wheels that were left over from Subaru's WWII plane production.

Ross N.
all you bunny luvers

here you go. It a quick one. gave it a little flame going on.
Bushy rabbit :p

Yeah i like it jumping over the RS. :)

There's nothing tuned by STI on my car, sort of like putting Type R on a Civic DX. In my opinion.

But the rabbit, to me it's like you know how Alfa has a 4-leaf clover. There's some history behind the symbol. contrib


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ooh, so we're gunna add in some cars. heres my two are pics.
and this one
DID someone say rabbit?
Make those stickers!!

Ok now V6SCOBBIE AKA speed fx can make those up RIght!!

It would be a cool ass sticker!!
If you design it in a AI,EPS or many other format, but these are the best we can make just about anything and any size.
1 - 20 of 23 Posts
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