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After driving my car a friend of mine started looking for a 2.5rs... he found a REALLY good deal on one but it's auto and it's getting harder to find good deals on 2.5's that have low mileage. Any idea what the cost would be to convert it to a manual? I know there's a difference to correct in the awd as well... The Subaru dealership here wouldn't give a price :p

It would excede the price difference between a good deal on an auto and a cornhole job on a manual. You've gotta go buy the parts, then you've got to fabricate a pedal box to add a clutch.

I'm thinking it would run you $5000-10,000, depending on the parts and who does the work.

Within 25 miles of my house there are several.
private party
2001 coupe - 11.3k mi, $19000 white
1999 coupe - 33k mi, $17,950 black w/nav system
2000 sedan - 42k mi, $16,000 silver
2000 sedan - 20k mi, $unknown, but a buddy of mine's dad works there and can get the price easy enough. Also silver
2001 sedan - 13.4k mi, $20,995 white
on eBay
2000 coupe - 26k mi, current bid $12,100 (reserve not met) red - in Ohio
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