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I guess a lot of you will recognize me from i-club/SCIC...I've been there for about a year and I'm fed up with them. Seems ever since the WRX the majority of the people in there are 16 year olds whose mommy bought them a new WRX for getting good grades. Makes me wanna barf.
I've been driving subarus since I was 16 (I'm 24 as of last weekend). Started with a Justy, then had a Brighton, and this year I got an '02 TS (I'll take low end torque and an after market turbo over a WRX anyday).
But I digress...i-club and i-clubbers (for the most part) just got to me. The nazi mods and the dip sh*ts posting there can kiss my @$$ goodbye. I hope I find a nice home here :biggest:
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all RS owners and fans are welcome here.
Posting is encouraged here. You can say anything that's on your mind and you won't have mods all over you. man I can't
believe there are 3 mods in the other local forum. anyway,
I don't like to have to think twice or 3 times before posting
something. I probably have like 50 posts in the 2 years i've been
there, but in 2 months over here......

now all we need is some more converts.
well, I'm trying to convert some of the cooler people from i-club but a lot of them are wrx owners and don't feel like they belong on and RS board. GET OVER IT PEOPLE!
Fine by me, personally. ALthough there are several 2002 RS owners here, which is nice. I think they feel kind of left out! No turbo, no massive good looks... :lol:
Welcome aboard!!! Have you done anything to the TS yet. Have you considered the rear disk-brake converson?? I might be able to help give me a call.
Welcome aboard

I met a guy at the Auto X last weekend, and he said that he used to be on I-Club, but got tired of their crap, and left
I told him about, but haven't seen him around yet:(

Mike said:
Fine by me, personally. ALthough there are several 2002 RS owners here, which is nice. I think they feel kind of left out!
Exactly. I had a rough weekend. Ran into three seperate people, two of which are old high school friends and they first saw my car and yelled, "Oh my God, is that a WRX?!?!" and then to watch their faces drop when they found out it was an RS. :(

And of course, the pre-02 RS owners complain of the looks of the New Age Impreza, so we get lumped in there, too.

But then on Sunday, I went to the local mall, and as I pulled in a guy in a white, modded out WRX with black flames (actually looked pretty nice) pulled up next to me and he smiled and waved when I waved. It gave me that good happy feeling that shows that while, yes, some WRX-ers (the ones that post all over the forums) can be abnoxious, there are still good people out there and we're still a nice Subaru family. :)

*wipes tears away*

Of course, along with the fun-to-drive factor, safety, and reliability, the family sense that Subaru owners have is one of the main reasons I picked up a Subaru.

... now if I can just get my Mom to buy me a turbo kit for getting good grades ... :biggest:
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the more time I spend here the more I see i-club similarities. A lot of people who don't like the looks of the new gen impreza. I've got one of each and I prefer the bug eyes, but the older imprezas will always have a special place in my heart. There's always room for change guys.
The thing that pissed me off most about the new wagons were that they didn't give us the fender flares! Whats the deal with that?!?!
Like I've said b4, I've been a suby owner since I was 16 and my loyalties are firm. I just wish that the band wagon had stricter membership rules :p

Sean: you read my mind! Brakes are next on my mod list. Since you asked what my other mods are:

K&N cone filter
98 RS rims
kart boy short shifter
STi VF22 Turbo (on its way from Japan)

I haven't decided on exhaust and suspension yet, although the STi coilovers are calling me loudly.

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That's cool. I'm new to the Scooby family although I did talk my sister into a Forrester two years ago. I've heard nothing but good things about Subarus for a long time. So when it came time for me to buy another car, the decision was easy.

And yes, there are some old school people that are just as bad at being hateful of the new agers as vice versa. The thing is, I think Subaru said they increased Impreza sales by 20-40% (i forget the number) , so even if you take 40%, at most that means 40% of the WRX owners are WRXers, but probably only half of those at most, so that still lives 80% of current impreza owners to be very cool :happynow:

How are you enjoying your TS? Along with the new Protege5, those are definately the nicest looking wagons out there today!

I can help you with EVERY mod you mentioned, I even have the turbo instock!

I just did a STI brake converion on a wrx and I can get you the rotors, calipers, and backing plates for a really good price. You will need caliper bolts, and the e-brake hardware still.

Let me know if you need any help.

Dude! I know Everyone has jumped in the WRX Bandwagon don't get me wrong the WRX is a bad ass car but I feel your pain Hey I used to drive a '84 Bratt up until five years ago then I bought a chevy but that's a different story but are subaru's the S***t or what......:biggest:


Ah!!!...A Sweater....what can you say about such men!!!
El Guapo
Circa 1985 (The Three Amigos)
ahh cool, Marc finally meeting up with someone willing to be helpful, unlike a certain "character" whos name rymes with bRyan.
A turbo Marc? I feel left in the dark.

did too!

Andy, didn't I tell you that I ordered that from my special "contact" in japan?
Maybe if you weren't galavanting off to mammoth all the time I could keep you more in the loop:rolleyes:
Hey you would too if thats where your girlfriend lived. snowed again....drifting time!!!

Welcome aboard!! I converted as well, but I've noticed that I go back to the "other" site ever so often. It's just that this site does not have enough members(compared to pre-WRX I-club). Well, hopefully with time, we'll get bigger and get more posts going. The GC8 may no longer be made, but hopefully this GC8 will be on the road for many years to come(knock on wood).

RallyImprezive said:
Hey you would too if thats where your girlfriend lived.
Wha? You need an excuse to go up to Mammoth? :)

Actually, I haven't been up there in years but it is awesome up there.
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