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I compared the estimated costs of two different paths:
1) 2.5engine, tranny & drivetrain, ECU, +newclutch and flywheel
2) WRX Front Clip swap +new clutch and flywheel

I was very surprised that the 2.5swap comes out to cost similar to the front clip, in parts and probably labor too!
Figuring worst possible case scenario:
2.5Lengine - $2000
2.5tranny - $1000
ECU/others - $300-700
new parts - $500-1000
TOTAL PARTS- $4000-5000
The WRX front clips I've seen go between $2000 and up to $5000.

So, 2.5Lparts for 5K or WRX2.0Turboparts for 5K?

I dont view the WRX clip swap a reliable thing. Not that the parts arent reliable, but the whole process. Buying a $5K peice of metal from total strangers and not knowing if it even runs or anything about it?? You can ask questions to an extent, but if someone screws you over, really, what are you going to do? Thats five G's down the drain, and nothing you can do about it. It has happened to me before with my old car (not a Subaru)- and it was a pain in the ASS!
Thats why the NA2.5 swap sounds like a more reliable idea, but not as "good of a deal"?? I would feel more comfortable with a warrantied engine and tranny rather than just some imported item for sale.
I guess Im stuck between common sense and greed for more power. Then theres the problem of lack of knowledge on the subject.
Off to search more on the topic,

P.S. Happy holidays ya'll:sunny: I wish it would snow

Thought about stuffing a turbo on your current 1.8/2.2? AVO has kits that fit $4180 complete. For the tranny swap, the rear differential needs to be changed in either case(wrx/2.5). The gear ratios are different from the older 1.8.


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Man, I have seen used 2.5 engines at wrecking yards (no wire harness) for $1200. Shop around...
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