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Comment on Amsoil oil

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I'm a current member of Amsoil products (including the air filter, oil, and oil filter) I just purchased some fuel injector cleaner, octane booster, 0w-30 series 2000 (told it was the best long lasting synthetic oil ever made)... all Amsoil. I told the local Amsoil dealer that I change my oil @ 8000-9000 miles, but he told me to save my money and change @ 12000 miles. Done lots of study on the oils and 0w-30 (series 2000) protects down to -64 farenheit with the recommended change @ 12000 or 12 mo (lasts up to 35000 miles - compared to other synthetic oils @ 3000/12000 recommended). Proven to increase mpg and power just a little more. If you can get your hands on some, I recommend you try it out. Amsoil products actually protects your cars way better than many many others.
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