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Cold Engine Noise

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Does anyone know what would cause a loud ticking noise when the engine is cold?(outside temp around 30) It seems to happen only on the first start up of the day. After the car warms up the noise eventually goes away, almost always after the engine is turned off and on after it is warm. I seem to remember someone saying something about an Idler Arm?

I put this in the general forum first...My Bad

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I get the same noise now with 76k miles on my car. I believe it's the accessory belt tensioner that causes this. I haven't had the time to go out when it is cold and listen for the sound. Gonna need a long screwdriver or similar to find the tick.

It's either the accessory belt tensioner (idler pulley) or the timing belt tensioner but I am somewhat sure it's the idler pulley.
lifters. Once oil gets on em they shut up.

Yep lifters,,,very normal fr a Subaru,,you outa hear my 98 start up in the am,,sounds like im 4 qts short:eek:
I had that problem too. It turned out to be the cam idler tensoner pulley as mentioned. The sound is the cam belt impacting the plastic shroud. Scared the heck out of me at first, I thought it was a rod or something. My car had less than 30K when it happened. They replaced it under warentee


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These are the parts they replaced. The pics arent' mine and I can't remember who to give credit or I would.


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