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Cold air intakes & turbos?

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Just wondering why are CAI's so uncommon on turbo cars? I know there's a CAI for the New Age WRX, but it just doesn't seem very common on turbo cars from what I've seen. I thought about it some more and guess that it's because the IC would be cooling the air... But wouldn't it still be better to start out with cooler air?
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Some people do use a CAI for thier turbo, or the factory box which is essentially a CAI. Here's the way I see it.

Lets say your intercooler is 80% efficient.

Your hot air intake sucks in the air and after compressing, it's 150F. That makes the air about 120F at the TB.

Now you get a CAI so the air is now 100F after the compressor. (in this example the other intake is in a hot area of the motor). So with the same intercooler efficiency, you are now at 80F at the throttle body.

Given the standard 1% hp increase for every 10F you lower the intake temp, that's a 7% increase in power.

93 1.8T
(currently running a hot air intake)
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