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Coke or pepsi?

  • Coke

    Votes: 131 58.5%
  • Pepsi

    Votes: 93 41.5%

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project blackbird.
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My favorite regular cola is Coke in the glass bottles. I usually drink Diet Pepsi, though. Diet Coke feels like it's trying too hard to be Coke and failing miserably, but since I never drink Pepsi, the diet version doesn't taste like it's pretending to be something else.

Complicated, I know. When I can find it, I think my favorite of all is Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi.

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Pepsi over the years has done more for me than Coke... Pepsi has given me food to eat and put clothes on my back. Coke... nothing, not even a free coke here and there.

But since i dont drink soda if i can avoid it i vote Tropicana.
61 - 80 of 80 Posts