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well, i have a stored code 31 on my car. its TPS, so far ive read a million threads on adjusting this in an OBD2 car using voltage etc. but it seems as though the OBD1 car uses ohms to adjust the TPS. reading the FSM is says to test the ohms between terminals 2 and 3 (which ones are those?) and i should get 12 kilo ohms (what setting on the multi meter is kilo ohms?) and then it said i should get 5 kilo ohms at WOT.

then if that checks out i need to check the idle switch (which ones is this?) and it should read 0 ohms at idle, and 1 mega ohm (again, where is the mega ohm setting on my multi meter?

anyway. thanks for the help. im going to go mess with this thing a little and check back here often.

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