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Cobb's New Product

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I just found out that Cobb Tuning is currently working on some Cobb Headers for our GC8's. Awesome! I think it's ok for me to post this, because I was told by Cobb Tuning themselves. Anyways, they said that the headers (if going into production) will be equal length headers. Also, a header-catback (one-piece?) will be available for around $800-900 bucks. It will be a bolt on with a high flow cat.

I'm interested in what they're gonna offer, so I'm waiting until that/those comes out around the expected April-June time. So if you're gonna shell out some bones for a Borla header, just wait to see if the products are gonna prosper. Peace!
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Did they say where the headers would "end"? What I mean is are they more like the MRT headers or the Borlas?
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