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Cobb tuning brake pads

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Has anyone bought any from Cobb Tuning? If so are you happy with them?
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if you are on the i-club search for a review done by Revision...he did one hell of a write up on them...they are VERY nice brake pads and stop VERY nicely from a 100 but they are noisy...too noisy for my liking.
I've got the Cobb pads on my fronts... didnt fit my rears as i have a 98 and they don;t offer rear pads to fit the 98 models... but as for the front pads i am quite happy with them. I've got brembo x-drilled/slotted rotors as well, and the combination is amazing. The car breaks as smoothly as my dad's Lincold Continental, but with more bite if i put a little pressure on the pedal.... highly recommended :)

only drawback is some squealing... but i just carry around that break parts cleaner from pep boys for when it gets real bad :D
Do the Cobb pads cause any problems as far as warping or scoring the rotors? I can deal with dust and noise as long as there's a real difference in performance.
EBC sux

I warp my stock rotors with the EBC and now my Sloted brmbo rotors are feeling a little viby
I was going to get the EBC green stuff. Are you saying they suck? I was just going to get them and put them on but I am rethinking this because I really need to get the rotors turned and then some new brakes but trying to figure out which ones to get that won't ruin the rotors and won't squeal.
i've heard nothing but bad things about EBC pads.
I have had the front ebs pads on for about 5 months now. Pretty nice not to loud but a lot of DUST!! PLUS i really think they messed up my rotrs?? I am not buying EBc again!! SO
do what u think is best!!
I think I am going to go with carbon fiber pads
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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