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Cobb intake,,rattles?

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Cobb intake,,rattles?Solved

Ive had the intake on fr about a month now.Very satisfied with the performance.But one things kinda botherin me,I know there loud,that i got,but under semi to full wot it seems to rattle in the fender hole.Not a good sound ,my opinion.
Anyway,yes i used the collar that it came with and yes its on properly.and yes i have gas line split and suroundin the hole in the fender.My old ganzflo did it when i first got it, but i packed some foam around it and it went away.
I know the intake has gotta move some due to the engine moving under load but i was wonderin if anybody else has experianced this and maybe has a fix i havent thought of.
Ive tried the foam thing with this intake too,no go.
Thanks in advance
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jag, I'll probably do that. Thanks for the info.

Didn't see this thread for awhile... the IAC motor is a motor (surprise!) with a cone shaped pintle on the end that opens or closes an airbypass in the throttle body that allows air to go around (hence the term bypass) the throttle plate. This is how the ECU controls idle speed on our motors. When the throttle is opened, the ECU also opens the IAC motor, to prevent stalling if the throttle is suddenly slammed shut. That's why the motor takes a few seconds to idle back down when you close the throttle and push in the clutch at highways speeds, the ECU is keeping IAC open. The IAC bypass is quite loud when it is open very far, it makles the hissing noise that most people mistake for a vacuum leak. Hope this informations helps.
Appreciate the info Rocket, but the Cobb intake
would probably drown out any hissing or vacuum leak type noise.
The Cobb rattles in the fender well under wot,sounded like s*** to me.So i came up with a solution
Thanks again
The IAC bypass is quite loud when it is open very far, it makles the hissing noise that most people mistake for a vacuum leak.
Is this what I hear in the morning when the choke is on? I kinda think it sounds cool, in a wannabe supercharger kinda way. :p
Yes, that's probably the noise you hear in the morning.

you won't be able to hear the IAC at wot, the induction noise is much too loud, it will be more noticable at first startup, or light throttle acceleration.
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