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Today was probably the worst day ever.

Im sitting in LA traffic for an hour during the worst possible time on the 405 freeway. My poor dam clutch is taking a beating. The pedal sticks to the floor, i think to my self uh oh because i had replaced my slave cylinder in the past due to that same problem. I keep on driving when my pedal completely sinks to the ground and there is NO pressure left. If i pop the pedal up manually and press it just sinks, i can no longer engage in any gear. I was stuck in the middle of the lane.

So after getting pushed off to the side by a CHP i opened up my hood and noticed i had NO fluid left in the reservoir, i filled it up and got some pressure back but after pumping it a hundred times i noticed a small leak from under the car. I saw it dripping slowly off the passenger boot, and from the bay i can see its all wet right near the air box and all around.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what can be wrong? I could not locate the exact location of the drip because all i had was my cell phone. I would think maybe the master cylinder but why would fluid be allll over the place, is there any other lines that run by or around the manifold? Car used to run perfect before STUPID ASS LA TRAFFIC.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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