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Clunks going around corners

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my car makes a clunking noise whenever i make a left hand turn right after a right hand turn. and also seldomly it will make the same noise after i brake from accelerating fairly hard

it's getting nice out today so i'm going to try and put my car on ramps and make sure everything is tight (swaybar). i know it's not the exaust because it doesn't sound like metal on metal and i've shaken my exaust by hand pretty hard and it doesn't hit anything.

and no i don't have a whiteline swaybar. i got it from JC Sports which i think sold the FHI Swaybars (mine is 20mm as well) but i've never checked the bolts since i've had it on for some time now.

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I would definatly check the swaybar as well as the end-links. You may find everthing is tight and it may be that the bar is binding because of improper lub-re-cation. haha... But seriously, when my big (25mm) front bar gets dry it makes a bit of noise. I've never noticed my rear making noise, but it still seems to be pretty well greased. If all of that checks out ok, you may want to check your front end-links. If you're still running on stock end-links up front, and you do a fair amount of performance driving, the bushings may be shot, thus clunking. :)
Yup, sounds like your swaybar is either loose, or one of the bushings may have slid out of it housing.
I was having the same problems going around corners and also hitting bumps while braking. I just got my KartBoy Muffler Hangers and the problems disappeared. If you dont have solid hangers, you may try that.:) :)
You also my want to try and shake the exhaust from the mid-pipe. It seems that when you shake it from the end it isolates the shaking to the rear section, I noticed that this weekend. You could also just take all of your heatshields off:)
it definitely sounds like it's coming from the right side of the car. sort of center to rear. it's been bothering me for a while. i checked the rear swaybar and everything SEEMS ok. i need a good hydraulic jackstand now because i can't get my car on ramps anymore do to the front lip on my car being too low.
i had the same problem at first and i lubed all the sway bar bushings and made sure everything was tight and it seems to have gone away...but now i have endlinks on and the bolts are the wrong size so they are making noise!!! dammit nothing ever goes as planned, now to drill out sleeve in endlink for proper size bolts.

edit: hookt on phonix rely werkt fer mee ass u cen se
Other things to check that I've seen on the RS -

1. The strut shaft bolt (at the top where it goes through into the read deck under the rear window) is loose.

2. One of the strut housing top bolts (the set of three) is loose/broken/missing.

Good luck finding out what is is ... :(
is # 1 the bolt that has the hex sized fitting in the middle of it on the strut? what is that hex fitting for anyway??
I have a slight noise on left hand turns too. Mine sounds like it is coming from the front right hand side. I have checked my ALK, my endlinks, and my sway bar bushings. I still can't figure out what it is, but I only hear it on slow left hand turn ins, not at speed. This doesn't mean it isn't there, only that I may not be able to hear it over my intake, exhaust, radio, etc.
trojan9x said:
is # 1 the bolt that has the hex sized fitting in the middle of it on the strut? what is that hex fitting for anyway??
Actually it is a nut. The "bolt" you speak of is actually the strut shaft. The hex is there to make OEM assembly easier (ie: with the right tools) They hold the shaft with the hex key and tighten the nut with a special box end wrench that resembles a socket with a handle welded to the side of it. I find that rags around the shaft and vice grips holt it well enough for an air ratchet or breaker bar to tighten the nut down. Though if done by hand, they will likely need retorqued after a short time, then they're fine.
trojan9x said:
is # 1 the bolt that has the hex sized fitting in the middle of it on the strut? what is that hex fitting for anyway??
and nice impact wrench works wonders...even my cordless does a hell of a job on em.
Your noise seems to sound A LOT like mine.. Please let me know whenever you figure it out.
my car had a funny clunking sound somtimes, and I couldn't figure out what it was. Finally I took it to the dealer, and after 5 minutes, he found that one of the bolts on my front passenger side strut was loose. He tightened about a half a turn by hand, and then got on it with the impact gun. That fixed everything. So you might want to check on simple little things like that: go check and make sure that all the bolts on your suspension are tight.

Not everyone drives as hard as we do, maybe that's the problem.

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