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Clean '00 Sedan, rally conversion?

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About a year ago I was lucky enough to snag a clean '00 sedan with 175k total miles with less than 70k on a professionally done JDM reman with fresh reseals. One original owner: A 70s something old man (now deceased) who kept meticulous maintenance records.

The only issue is the paint which is losing its clear coat. I've been thinking more and more about racing. I want to rally. But I'm torn between keeping this car as is, restoring it to pristine, and using it as a daily driver/weekend beach & mountain machine. Or tearing it down and converting it to a mock 555 McCrae. It feels bad doing such a thing to such a rare find but also seems to make sense. The car just feels like it wants to race. I could also potentially sell the car, find an L coupe and then put the surplus into modding it for rally.

I'm in Oregon and have reached out to a few people in the scene. Anyone with some useful input/leads for local support would be greatly appreciated!

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It's your car, do with it what you please. Some things to consider though,

Is this a 2.5RS sedan or an L?

If it's a true RS, I'd advise against it.
If its an L trim (base model) go for it.

Racing puts a lot of stress on cars. You will damage and break things.
Most people don't turn their desirable spec cars into race cars.

The true 98-01 RS sedans/coupes are desirable, with or without Reconstructed/Rebuilt title, even missing titles.

Outback wagons, base model coupes or sedans from 93-01 are not as high on the list.

Regardless, finding a clean example of any of the 90'-early 2000's JDM cars is getting tough.

If I were you, I'd set aside $1000-2000 and pick up the best car you can find in that range. Use that as a dedicated track car.

I did the same thing. My project cars are all Nissan 240sx's. Those cars have shot up in value, but everything I have done was before the price jump.
I have 3 cars total. The first two were clean title cars. My desire to race led me to buying a car that was sold without a title and when researching the vin, I knew it had an R title.
Checked out the car and bought it. If I crash it, I'm out the car that was meant for racing. It would hurt, but not as bad as my other cars which are more dear to me. I still might not even follow through until I buy a backup shell.

Racing takes a lot financially, mentally, is very time and labor consuming.
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Hey MountainLion! Good to see you and long time no talk!

Clean examples of this car are going on BAT for quite a bit more. If you were to invest the time and energy into fixing up the exterior it would grab a pretty penny at the auction house!


Look for some of the true stockish or clean 98 to 01 RS for an idea of value... think I saw a low mileage stockish coupe go for 21k not long ago.

I gotta second 240sx - get an L or an LX and prep it for fun times ahead. Even those are gaining increasing demand and value. If you were to chase this route I'd say AutoTempest is the way to go... it took me 4 to 5 months 3 years ago to finally find an L coupe that I could drive to my place under 2500.

Here's a good reference I've used in my track prep, it does a good job of attaching future costs to the project at hand and a good set of steps to start taking!

Super special note on suspension - probably the biggest bang for the buck upgrade you could do... coilovers or a tuned spring/strut combo and swaybars would drastically change the ride!
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