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my list is :

Bigger intercooler hehehehe
P1 front bumper and wing
aluminium forged everything (control arms, forge pistons, etc)
rally armour
back window wiper
Somekind of standalone and J&S
stainless steel all pipes...
P1 rims 17s and toyos...
carbon hood

oh and an EVO6

praying to santa claus now... huuuuuu mmm hummm hummmm:drool:

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I wanted a Job, nothing great just some programming that pays enough for me to have my own place again, make the student loan payments and make enough to buy the impreza I've wanted for years now. Maybe have enough left over to go out with #2 on the list, a girl. It's not looking like I'll get either today. But I did get a cool Raiders jersey and a copy of lord of the rings, and the new terry goodkind so things aren't all bad.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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