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Nationwide Auto Body Network
665 W. Wise Rd.
Schaumburg, IL 60193
(847) 524-7200

Due to the work they've done on a friend's car, I stopped in to reassure that it was a fluke (since I recommended them, and have had work done there myself), however from what he was saying, it seemed to be up to his quality of expectation. Personally I find it unacceptable that a body shop performs such sloppy work - whether it be a problem with just the masker/painter, I don't know. The actual body work itself was excellent, however the painting and masking left MUCH to be desired.

Regardless of the scratch on the roof, they entirely missed cleaning up the large scratch on the bumper that they were quoted as having time to do, as well as masking very badly, and overspraying.

I formally retract my recommendation of this shop, please use it at your own risk, if you choose to use it at all.
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