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01 rsti CFblue, 06 sti PSM
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listing parts soon
all misc parts are from x2 04 wrx one in jbp and the other psm

if i forgot something else on the interior or exterior that i did not mention plz mention it on here or pm thanks
02-03 bugeye painted wrb jdm genome sti grill in great condition i am asking 180 obo
02-03 wrx taillights 70
04-5 wrx/sti tail lights 145 in great condition on lens with passenger side inside with just one broken tab.
04-05 wrx driver headlights 125
strut bar unknown name throw me a fair offer
Gfb bov recirculation for 120
oem bov elbow with no rubber hose 50
04-05 wrx scoop splitter 50
rear abs tone ring for $40
05 sti turbo cross member in great shape 125
04-07 wrx/sti bumper foam 30 each x1 front and x2rear
x2 brake booster/cylinder 60
I have four front abs sensor 20 each one
Rear abs sensor all Sold
02-05 wrx 3:54 diff lsd 180
06 wrx jbp rear section of chassis with window 400 pick up
x3 02-05 wrx headers 90
un catted oem up pipe 40
04 wrx down pipe 150 SOLD
bosal 3" inch axle back 250 SOLD
SS 2.5" to 3" inch mid pipe 100
wrx starter 45 SOLD
Wrx alternator 50
compressor 50
condenser 50
04 wrx steering rack $120 with inners and outers tie rods
a/c lines 50 high pressure side
x2 HVAC control $75
x2 maf sensor full box, inlet and sensor 140
wrx scoop rubber seal $10
x3 srs module $80 no accicent
passenger airbag no cover $80 no accident
x3 psm,wrb,jpb door hinges all 8 for $40
passenger side door cards 50 for both all black from a 04 wrx
interior trim pm me for more info
x2 3rd brake light 25
Driver rear, Passenger and rear door cards locks/windows switches/trim 45 for all three no drivers combination switch
04 wrx black door cards all set of four
04 wrx rear black seats center fold down top and buttom.
rear seats $75 with center fold down arm rest from an 02-03 wrx there blue/black
x2 hubs and knuckles front and rear 240 for one full set, 120 for rears 5x100 FRONTS SOLD
04 wrx steering wheel and airbag with red memo logo 160
lateral links 65
x2 t brac 60
x2 rear crash bar $50 each one in psm
04 wrx cluster 12x,xxx for 85
jacks $25 with L arm
also have spare tools with bag 25
steering column throw offer
04 wrx all four door in jbp for $190 each just shell, window, window regulator, and motor all in great shape
Psm all doors, power everything, all four sold
spare cover carpet very clean 35 SOLD
x2jacks $25
x3 maybe traling arms $60 for both
x2 rear crossmember $60
dash 70 with no passenger cover and airbag with all vents
front impreza crossmember n/a $50
x2 the whole harness, front and back, missing some connection in the front, no pcm $300
almost complete wrx manual wrx ej205 chassis/bulk harness/rear section/srs/airbags and doors. BUT NO ENGINE Harness. I am asking 325
a bunch of misc Bolts and new oem seals or gaskets just ask me
x2 awd bare gas tank $90
x2 fuel filler $40
any evap parts
rubber lines 1.00 each one
charcoal canister box 50
canister purge valve 20
x4 fuel door psm,wrb,jpb $25
x2 control arms $70 one full set, second set driver side passenger SOLD
tb mechanical cable $25
hood latch cable $20
x2 04 wrx ps pump with reservoir and rubber lines $140 or just pump 125
02-07 wrx/sti ebay CF mirrors bnib one mirror missing 110 shipped just include paypal fees.
ebay or ets tmic cooler
x2 02-04 wrx tmic $35 with sti imprint with no y pipe some fins bent, The other is in mint condition with no bent fins.
02-04 wrx mint tmic from 04 wrx with y pipe in mint condition for 60
x2 02-03 wrx cluster gauge one with 256,xxx $30 and the other 172,xxx $40
x2 cluster surround $15
x2 front windshield surround $20
x2 wrx/sti steering column shaft 60
x2 wrx u joint for steering column 50
x2 wrx abs module $50
04 wrx ecu 100
04 wrx UPPER COVER with sunroof hole for 40
x3 02-07 wrx dash 70 with no passenger cover and airbag with all vents
x2 02-07 sti/wrx psm sti,jpb wrx,wrb sti/ trunk arms $35
04 wrx jbp trunk and spoiler 250
02-03 blue black metallic wrx spoiler 120
a set of four black door handles $45 interior
x3 wrx jbp/psm torsion bars $40
Plastic engine under cover 40
x1 ps lines $40 for both SOLD one set sold
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