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what is the chance of me winning the GST Series?

  • 0-24%

    Votes: 8 29.6%
  • 25-49%

    Votes: 2 7.4%
  • 50%

    Votes: 7 25.9%
  • 51-75%

    Votes: 2 7.4%
  • 76-100%

    Votes: 8 29.6%

cheer for me!!!! i'm Racing my GC8

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Season results:
1. FuJi - Pts: 561
2. Mike - Pts: 488
3. Apex - Pts: 479
4. Mystic - Pts: 386

who voted that i won't? heheheee

GC8 Impreza at the top! Subaru takes it all the way!!!!!!!!!!
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I'm confused, how exactly does this work? Do you simply state what your times for the laps where and in the end he tallies everything up and points out who won? Or do you somehow send in a file showing the details of a run? I guess I'm just too untrusting to play online without lots of anti cheat software running these days.
well for the Leguna Seca Race, i have to submit my 12 laps times with total and fastest lap time.

this is actually my first race. so i dunno what'll happen. i know that i'll get first if i win this round. My times must be submitted by this friday.

this is how i have to write it out to the admin for this race:

Lap 1:
Lap 2:
Lap 3:
Lap 10:
Lap 11:
Lap 12:

Fastest Lap: xx:[email protected]
Total Time:

there's rules so i have to obey and mods that i have to do to my vehicle.

Wish me luck!
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What's to keep people honest? I mean... come on. How do you know that somebody isn't going to just drop a couple seconds a lap off their time?
I voted 50%. Nobody had voted for that yet:)

Plus with 50% I'm right either way. SO I win!!

Seems like a hokey system, but still fun. And besides, if someone does cheat, and they unfairly win, who cares, isn't it just about running and competing?

the admin ask us to not post our times. i have to e-mail my times to the admin so nobody(competitors) won't know my time. that way they can't knock seconds off of their time.

when the race is over, then the times will get posted. so who ever was fastest, well, is the winner!!!!:D
What game are you playing? GT, GT2, or GT3? Thats a pretty sweet competition.

Do they seperate you out by horsepower or what?

It's a rather poorly designed layout and not much information on the site... it's pretty damn cool as a concept though.
Yeah yeah. You have to email your times. But what is to keep people from running each lap in 1:15.05, and email the admin that they ran it in 1:01.01?
it's for GT2

i think you can still sign up. by buddy, Lue V, member here, is gonna join also. join before we send them the times!!

e-mail gt2_gs and see if you can still join, he has info to the required modifications:
[email protected]
Wish I had heard about that before the entry deadline, that sounds like a blast. Maybe I will get in on the next one.
i second that people wont be honest. espeically if its young kids playing. even if its adults theres now ay to know if they are being honest. only sure way to tell is to take pics. but even those can be doctored.
where's all the votes? 10 votes only? where's my cheer leaders!!!:biggest:

we now have 3 '99 Impreza WRX-R's running!!!!! and i think a Venturi Atlantique 400 GT................:confused:

heheh guess what!!!!!!!!!!!! you all lost!!!! except for one......................

here's the latest on what happen!!!!!
official results
scroll to the bottom for the results

FuJi Treatment Race Team

we're now running for qualify times. so far we're discussing our Sector 2 results to see who;s fastest. well so far i am but not by much.

where are you? have you done any qualify times yet?:confused:
can you do the race modification in the weight reduction part?

what limits to mods are you to do or does it only have to be around 500 HP?
in this series, they don't allow racing modification. they do allow the modifictions that they picked out for you.

i.e. mine:
Required Mods,
Fully Customised (pro) suspension

Racing slick tyres (soft)

Fully customised gear box

Triple plate clutch

Car #18: 99' Subaru Impreza WRX-R Version VI
+ Engine Balancing
+ Turbo Kit stg 3
+ Racing Intercooler
+ Racing Muffler
+ Weight Reduction stg 2
+ Computer
+ Port Grinding

i have to perform the mods that are listed ONLY.

you could enter my race if you want.
go here to see the FRI Series
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Hm. I've got a 700+hp Skyline that would be fun. lemme go see how quick I can run Laguna Seca. :)
Hey Fuji, I got a new fast lap on my red rock race times.
is that respectable :checkit:
I didn't see a avg lap speed on the results though.
hope they don't think I am cheating. let me know what your times are after you submit them. then I will tell you mine. I have already submitted mine.
that's a fast time!!!!

all my times? all i can say is i have a fastest lap time of 1:12.063 i think in my current race time that i may submit. a total time of 18:17.510.

i don't really like this round because i don't think i will come out first. The Venturi's and RUF has a chance of beating me (if they don't spin out at the last turn in every lap). my run was as clean as i can get it. You may beat me also.........

so, now that i have let the world know my time, what was your total time?:checkit:
looks like I came across the finish in your draft!:curse:
my time was 18:18.719

I had 2 1:11's and the 1:10, but almost lost it a couple of times coming in at 1:15. maybe I will get you next race :checkit:
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